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Author: simplybrianna
Created: January 16, 2009
Taken: 496 times
Rated: G

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S-C-A-N-D to the A to the L-O-U-S [random]

Created by simplybrianna and taken 496 times on Bzoink
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I'm Bringing Sassy Back
What is your youngest cousins name?
Are you going to Believers Never Die, part deux?
what is your third favorite color?
have you ever hooked up with someone you didn't date?
what is the closest thing to you that is purple?
Do you have a retainer? what color is it?
how many people do you know have an LG scoop?
what does your desktop background look like?
myspace or facebook?
what is the last red drink you drank?
have you ever thought you possesed magical powers?
do you root for the underdog?
what college did/do/want to go to?
If you were opposite gender what was your name gonna be?
How many friends on myspace/facebook do you have?
Do you think bfs/gfs are overrated?
what is the best movie you've seen in the last month?
What weight of bowling ball do you use?
snow boarding or skiing?
honestly do you know any metro station song other than shake it?
what is the 1st word of the last song you listened to?
ipod, mp3, or zune?
do you know how many legs and eyes a spider has?
do say soda, softdrink, or pop?
who is the last person you kissed?
what color is your wallet?
does your area have a good community theater?
do you have a theme to your room? what is it?
Girl I Dig Your Fanny Pack, Riding Low Behind Your Back
are your floors mostly wood or carpet?
would you ever consider necrophilia?
Do you have your license? do you speed?
have you ever done yoga? what's your favorite pose?
live for today or plan for the future?
do you have a carbon monoxide alarm in your house?
when's the last time you saw a spider?
how old was your mom when she had you?
what is a time or day you're looking forward to?
have you ever shaken from anxiety/nerves?
What is/was your highschool's mascot?
does your school offer German?
what is the coolest music video?
can you see a calander from where you're sitting?
do you have any green, orange, or blue glowing lights near you?
what color is the dry towel for dishes?
what's your crushes/bfs middle name?
what is the first song on your favorite mixed cd?
have you already gotten a kiss this year '09?
what are you procrastinating right now?
why do you stay up so late?
which is scarier: driving over bridges or railroad tracks?
if you could get a/another tattoo what would it be?
what musical instrument did you play last?
do you want to marry someone smarter or dumber than you?
what was your favorite thing to do with barbies?
have you ever snuck someone in to your house?
Take What Your Need Till Your Body's Numb
what band's lyrics have my labels and title been from?