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About This Survey

Author: -egocentricity-
Created: January 17, 2009
Taken: 124 times
Rated: PG

-Drenched In Our Own Terror, We Exchanged Our Valentines-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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On Valentine's Day, Have You Ever ...
-Recieved chocolates?
-Received flowers?
-Received a letter from an admirer?
-Given someone an anonymous valentine?
-Worn Valentine's Day colors?
-Asked someone out?
-Had someone ask YOU out?
-Broken up with someone?
-Had someone break up with you?
-Attended a themed school dance?
-Fallen in love with someone?
-Met someone you had an interest in?
-Been the one to receive no valentines at all?
-Made fun of someone who received no valentines?
-Kissed someone for the first time?
-Been on a date?
-Watched a movie about the subject of romance?
-Been single?
-Spent the night alone?
-Spent the night with friends [ if single ]?
-Bought yourself chocolate?
-Complained about being alone?
-Wished the day was over?
-Received a stuffed animal?
-Had someone write a poem or song about / to you?
-Had someone confess their love for you?
-Got a sugar-rush from all the candy?
-Received a chocolate rose?
-Turned someone down that asked you out?
Other Questions ...
In elementary school, did you make valentines cards for everyone?
Do you or your family have any Valentine's Day traditions?
What's the largest number of valentines you've received?
Do you think it's romantic for someone to ask you out on this day?
Do you think it's heartless for someone to dump another person on this day?
What's your favorite thing about Valentine's Day?
If you are in a relationship, do you go out and do anything romantic?
Do you watch any chick-flicks?
What do you think of the people that complain about being single?
What do you think of the people that are disgustingly lovey-dovey?
Is it romantic to propose on Valentine's Day?
Were you single or taken on Feb 14, 08?
If you're alone, how do you spend the day?
What is the weirdest gift you've received on this day?
Do you make your own valentine cards, or buy them at the store?
Do you like the little candy hearts with cute sayings on them?
What is your favorite Valentine's Day quote?
Do you think that this holiday has been overly commercialized?
What Valentine's Day was the most memorable for you?
Which one was the worst for you?
Are there any actions you regret taking on this day?
When Valentine's Day approaches, are you excited for it?
How would you describe Love?
Would you say that you are a romantic person?
Do you want a guy / girl to sweep you off your feet?
If you don't have a date, do you go out with friends, or just stay home?
Do you like reading romantic poems or love-stories?
Are there any love quotes that have stuck with you?
Is Valentine's Day a good reminder to show love to your significant other?
Do you try to make Valentine's Day special for your partner?
Do you expect people to get you anything on this day?
Where do you like to go out to eat on that night, if anywhere?
What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?
Do you have any fairytale scenarios that you wish would take placethat day?
Was Valentine's Day more fun as a kid, or now?
Do you have any friends that dislike Valentine's Day?
How about any that are WAY too into it?
Do you know the history of Valentine's Day?
What are your plans for the upcoming Feb 14th?