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Author: daniellejane818
Created: January 19, 2009
Taken: 92 times
Rated: PG

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Absolutely Random

Created by daniellejane818 and taken 92 times on Bzoink
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What color toothpaste do you use?
Do you know how to swim?
What color are your nails?
What does the ad say on your screen?
What color eyes do you prefer?
Have you read Twilight?
Do you have a pet? What color is it?
What is your 4th favorite color?
Do you own a purse?
Who was the last person to tell you that you were beautiful?
Do you look everywhere for the remote before getting up and turing the TV o
Do you like Chinese food?
Have you ever heard of a band called Crash Test Dummies?
Have you ever been high?
Have you read the Harry Potter series?
Have you ever made up and excuse to get off the phone?
Are you failing any of your classes?
Do you use a TV Guide?
Are you racist?
What color is your underwear?
Do you know anyone named Hugo?
Do you like track?
Do you watch [scrubs] ?
Who did you want for president at first?
Do people ever tell you that you hair smells good?
Are you good at math?
Do you even do homework?
Are you on any medication?
Do you have any racist friends?
Do you remember School House Rock?
Do you ever watch Disney movies or shows?
What is your most visited website other than Myspace?
Do you prefer CSI or NCIS?
Vanilla or Chocolate?
Do you drink energy drinks?
Cats or Dogs?
Do you like dingos?
Rcokband or Guitar Hero?
Have you seen the Jetsons before?
How many game systems do you have? Name them.
Do you still have both your parents?
What color are the keys on your keyboard?
What song are you listening to?
What color is your TV?
iPod or Zune?
Do you have an alarm clock? What color is it?
What color are the walls in your kitchen?
Do you play an instrument?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What is his/her name?
Are you included in any sports?
Do you have an iPod or MP3 player? What color is it?
Do you watch the news?
Do you need to go shopping?
Do you wear glasses? What style do you like better?
Do you have a favorite song? What is it?
What is your favorite channel?
Do you like taking pictures?
Do you use a dictionary everyday?
How many phonebooks do you have?
Do you take a foreign language?
What is your favorite baseball team?
Do you have a best friend?
Do you work out?
Do you take a walk everyday?
Whats your favorite basketball team?
Do you like going to the beach in the wintertime?
Pencils or pens?
What is your favorite football team?
Guitar or Drums?
Music or TV?
Do you have any siblings? What are their names?
Hows your hair?
Computer or Music?