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Author: sweettalkeryea
Created: January 19, 2009
Taken: 132 times
Rated: PG

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You're such a sucker for a sweet talker, yea.

Created by sweettalkeryea and taken 132 times on Bzoink
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Okay kids this is my first survey here so play nice! Please :0)
What do you prefer on your bagel?
How about your toast?
And your pizza?
Have you ever been to Sonic on a date?
What about Steak-N-Shake?
While we're on the subject of food do you think you're out of shape?
What was the best concert you have ever been to?
The worst?
What are 3 songs that have special meaning between you and your beau?
Bet you can't name 3 songs that have/had meaning between you and your ex.
If you could be a part of any tv family who would it be?
Forget the fam-if you could live the life of any tv character, who?
How about a movie character?
Do you think your life would make a good reality show?
If you came with a warning label what would it say?
What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?
Are you looking forward to anything in the next few weeks?
Where is your favorite place to relax?
If you could spend one day with any SPORTS player who would it be?
Do you think Obama can even begin to clean up this mess?
We've all got a guilty pleasure so tell me yours.
Do you ever get texts or phone calls from people you probably shouldn't?
If you could be any celebrities bff for a day, who would it be?
What phrase do you continuously find yourself saying at work or school?
Who or what truly gets your blood boiling?
When is the last time you saw your first love?
I tell you that you can take a swing at anyone in the world, who is it?
Do girls enjoy spending time with you?
Why or why not?
What about guys, do they enjoy your company?
Why or why not?
What has been your most dramatic experience with the same sex?
What about the opposite?
Do these situations still bother you?
Valentine 2009 ** you got one?
Have you ever been the object of someones affection when they were taken?
Have you ever pined over someone who was already taken?
Name a song that makes you want to slam your head into a wall.
will you take more of my survey's when I create them?