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Author: kiers
Created: January 20, 2009
Taken: 727 times
Rated: PG

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Each time we talk I get the same 'ole thing...:)

Created by kiers and taken 727 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a laptop?
Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Are you proud of who you are?
If you could be part of a family on tv, what family would you choose?
Do you ever get texts from people whom you shouldn't?
Have you ever been the object of someones affection,when they were 'taken'?
What color is the shirt you're wearing?
Do too many people say things they don't mean?
Does it bother you when people lie to spare you 'heartache'?
If your bestfriend hooked up with your crush, would you be bothered?
Have you had to deal with a lot of drama in your life?
How long has your life been?
What would you do if someone, engaged, hit on you?
Do you believe someone can be loyal to their loved one, until death?
Do we 'say too much and feel too little'?
Have you ever had a black eye?
Do you laugh at jokes that no one else find funny?
Are you unique?
Do you consider crying a weakness?
Are you outspoken?
Do you defend yourself, or get walked on?
Do you like art?
Are you an "outdoorsy" type?
Does silence help you relax?
If you could save the country from poverty, would you?
Would you be willing to give a homeless child the clothes off your back?
Would you sacrifice your dreams, to help someone else reach theirs?
Are you a peacekeeper, or antagonizer?
When you fight, are you usually right?
Ever wished you were alive when there were dinosaurs?
Are you close with your family?
In ten years, looking back will you be proud of who you are?
Do you wear glasses?
Do you think before you act, in serious situations?
Ever done something you knew was wrong, and kept doing it anyway?
If someone talks about your bestfriend, do you stop them?
Do you believe we "live and learn"?
Do you think we have to work for happiness?
Are you an optimist?
Do you believe in pastlives?
Are you religious?
Are you superstitious?
Ever wanted something you knew you'd never have?
Are pick-up lines pathetic?