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Author: lifeyourlife39
Created: January 22, 2009
Taken: 133 times
Rated: G

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Created by lifeyourlife39 and taken 133 times on Bzoink
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whats his full name?
What color is his eyes?
is he taller than you?
Do you talk to him alot?
Is he older than you?
Does he have braces?
Does he wear glasses?
Whats the one thing you like the most about him?
What Store[s] does he shop at?
Do you have any classes with him?
Whens the last time you talked to him?
Whens the last time you saw him?
Whats his hair color?
What sports does he play?
Is he smart?
Does he know that you like him?
Does he like you?
Does he have a girlfriend?
What song reminds you of him?
Do you know his middle name?
If so what?
Does he make you Laugh?
Did he ever make you cry?
Does anyone else like him?
Does your friends know you like him?
Do your friends say you and him make a cute couple?
Why do you like him?
What does your friends think of him?
Do you call him cute, hott ,Sexxyy?
You like him alot dont youu?