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Author: ccandacelove
Created: January 29, 2009
Taken: 105 times
Rated: PG

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Random Madness

Created by ccandacelove and taken 105 times on Bzoink
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Do you wish people would just shut up about Twilight already?
Is Family Guy funny?
What about Robot Chicken?
Favorite Family Guy episode?
The American flag is...?
If your black, white, mexican, chinese, and native american, are you black?
Can you read people's minds?
What's a meal without chicken?
Do u like cookies and cream ice cream?
What's ur local grocery store?
What's up w/ the mint chocolate chip ice cream?
How many states hav u been 2 on the east coast?
West coast?
Ever take Driver's Education?
Obama is...?
What's ur favorite animal?
Are u scared of water?
What's ur favorite smell?
Most hated color?
What does the rainbow really symbolize?
The legal drinking age shuld be...?
White people are...?
Ever seen Malibu's Most Wanted?
Do you know anyone who is famous/ semi-famous?
Do you use toilet paper or tissues to blow your nose?
Sex is...?
Will you still be alive two months from now?
Is christmas really Jesus' birthday?
How much text slang do u know?
Are your school assemblies fun or gay?
Was your mom ever a stripper?
Are gay people cool?
Ever thought about being a stripper?
What color do you want to dye your hair?
If u culd hav an exotic animal for a pet, wat wuld it be?
Where wuld u rather live?
Why are you living ur liife?
Can u pat ur stomach and rub ur head?
Do you walk 2 school?
Who is ur meanest teacher?
Do you know how to use reverse psychology?
Did u ever wanna hug a panda bear?
Do u think people naming their child Jesus is disrespectful?
Chinese food is...?
Do u watch MadTV or SNL?
Do u wish things were actually in black and white?
What\'s ur favorite TV show to ever air?