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Author: sarahhlav
Created: January 30, 2009
Taken: 977 times
Rated: PG

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lots of really random questions(very long&entertaining)

Created by sarahhlav and taken 977 times on Bzoink
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do you have a sexual attraction to girls or boys?
are you pale or tan or kind of an inbetweener?
what do you think of the word 'weener'?
do you have long or short nails?(why)
do you ever wear anything with sequins?
have you ever consider growing a mustach/dating someone with a mustach?
do you like wine?(what kind particularly)
do you prefer skinny people or people with a bit of meat on the bones?
does the idea of death scare you?
do you believe you're going to heaven?
what type of bottled water do you prefer?
do you like to wear anything in your hair?(feathers,hairbands,baretts)
do you like to cook?(if so, what's your fav. thing to cook)
what is your favorite magazine to read?
what religion do you follow if any?if you don't follow any,why not?
do you have a digital camera?(what kind)
what do you mostly like to take pictures of?
who are your best friends?list from youngest to oldest
do you like to wear fancy hats?
do you think jessica alba is pretty/hot?
are you familiar with the brand 'valentino'?
how tall are you exactly?(inches please)
have you ever seen desperate housewives?
what colour is your hair?(in detail please)
have you ever dyed your hair with store bought dye?
do you ever wear gloves/mittens during cold weather?
how do you feel in detail RIGHT AT THIS SECOND?
what's better, thai or chinese cuisine?
do you think high heels make girls look more attractive?
is it gross to not shave your legs if you're a girl?
do you own more tee shirts or jeans?
between macy's and nordstoms, what do you prefer?
does your hair ever get in the way of your eyes?
how long are your fingernails?
what does the texture of your skin feel like?
do you spend more time smiling or frowning?
do you like to go garage sale scavenging?
what's better, something new and modern or something old and vintage?
are you photogenic according to others?
describe your favorite pair of shoesies:
do you own a credit card?(if so, do you use it often)
do you follow trends?(be honest)
angelina jolie,jennifer aniston,j-lo,gwyneth paltrow?
how often do you regret your actions?
do you ever watch or read the weekly news?
do you think 'brigette jones diary' is a good movie?
what do people usually say to you regaurding your appearance?
do you ALWAYS make your bed in the morning before you start the day?
how many hours of sleep do you get per night usually?is it enough?
how old you act/feel/look?
how old are you in reality?
what is your favorite book genre?
do you like spicy food?what's your favorite spicy food?
do you have sensitive teeth?
do you like recieving beauty tips from other people?
what have you experienced more of, love or sex?
would you consider yourself amazing?
do you think every individual human being matters?
is life pointless?
what was the best thing you bought this month?
how much money do you spend on average weekly?
how often do you clean up?
what are you most excited about in life to come?
would you ever spy on a boyfriend/girlfriend if you were suspicious?
do you completely trust your current boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend?
the most interesting job you've had in your lifetime was?
do you own anything designer label? what?
do you think the renaissance age was interesting?
do you like the subject of history or not at all?
have you ever gone fishing?what's your biggest catch?
who is your favorite person to converse with?
would you ever really want to be famous?
if you had endless amounts of money,what would you spend it on?
if a man asked to put his finger in your mouth for $500,would you agree?
what if he let you smell it first?
what's the weirdest thing you've ever done in the bath tub/shower?
what is your secret to energizing yourself?
do you ever wear sunglasses?describe your favorite pair:
do you own an ipod?how often do you use it?
how do you feel about everyone texting constantly these days?
are you afraid of bees?
do you ever wear the color pink?
would you go homeless for a week for $2000?
do you like to talk about yourself?
how much do looks matter?
would you ever join a book-club?
have you ever been served breakfast in bed?
do you believe all girls are really princesses?
how do you feel about the jonas brothers?
do you post a lot of bulletins on myspace?
do you ever write letters to loved ones?
how much was the last check you recieved worth?
do you like to go shopping?
are you fertile right now?
who was the last person you pictured naked?
have you ever kissed someone of the same sex and enjoyed it?
do you consider yourself 'snoopy'?
do you start to act like someone after being around them for awhile?
have you ever been to a psychologist?
do you like to watch the antique road show?
do you always do your strecthes before you exercise?
what do you do when you have an itchy bug bite?
do you prefer wallpaper or painted walls?
what's your favorite boardgame?who are your favorite people to play with?
what color is your bath robe?did you pick it out?
what's the lamest christmas present you've ever recieved?
did you go to your junior/senior prom?why/why not?
could you ever follow a strict banana diet?
what do you and your friends talk the most about?
name three reasons you like your favorite animal?
would you ever wear a bandana out in public?
how good is macaroni and cheese on a scale of 1-100?
if your bf/gf said they're ex's name in bed what would your reaction be?
do you like to eat at fast food restaurants?
would you ever consider going buddhist?
what's the most interesting topic in the world to you?
what makes a girl/boy good looking?
do you wear makeup?why/why not?
do you follow your parents rules?or did you when you lived with them?
do you think diamonds are pretty?
do you have a problem with obese people?
do you have a problem with hispanic people?
do you ever wear a wristwatch?what brand?why/why not?
have you ever been to paris?do you want to go?why/why not?
what's your favorite movie?how did it make you feel afterward?
have you ever aspired to look like a celebrity?who?
who do you do most of your venting to?
how did you meet your best friend?
how did you meet your current boyfriend/girlfriend?
how much time do you spend on the computer?why?
do you have a stuffy nose or a runny nose more often?
would you rather be an architect or a prima ballerina?
would you like to give your mother a makeover?does she need one?
are you afraid or spiders or snakes?
do you like asparagus or broccoli more? or neither?
do you have any scars on your face? from what?
have you ever seen a castle in real life?
are you interested in the life of celebrities?
what's your favorite eye color?
would you ever wear ripped tights as pants?
would you jump off a bridge if you didn't know how deep the water was?
do you consider yourself risky business?
would other people refer to you as a slut?why or why not?
do you typically like it when women wear bright red lipstick?
do you like to watch classical 40's-50's movies?
have you ever been to a very formal extravagent event?
do you like colors that are faded or extremely bright?
what do you think of people who obsess over their weight?
are you a bit of a freak about grammar/spelling?
have you read the harry potter series?
have you read the chronicals or narnia series?
have you read the twilight series?
do you think the hype over twilight is a bit overkill?
is your hair vibrant or dull looking?
describe your parents to me:
do you honestly believe that you're special?
what would you change about your personality if you had to change anything?
what would you change about your appearance if you had to change something?
what's your favorite brand of bubblegum?
what's your favorite passtime during summer?
out of these places,where would you like to go:new york,milan or paris?
how much cash do you have on you?how much will be left by the end of today?
what does your swimsuit look like?
what's your favorite song to listen to currently?
stripes or poka dots on formal wear?
would you shave your head for a relative dying of cancer?
what is your favorite culture?9that you find most interesting)
have you ever watched anime porn?
will you drink tea without sugar or cream?
what's your favorite girl name?and boy?
what's your favorite activity after work/school?
do you make time for the gym?
do you live a healthy lifestyle?
if you got paid $3 million to smoke meth one time would you do it?
are ladybugs cute?
describe what you look like while orgasming:
do you have any moles on your body?
do you have nice,tamed eyebrows or unruly,bushy eyebrows?
would you wear something made from snake skin?
what's the big hype about ugg boots?
what's your favorite school subject?
quote something from your favorite t.v. show:
what's your favorite flower?
what's your favorite fragrance?
will you leave the house without fragrance on?
is your hair managable in the morning?
do you want to live a life of luxury?
do you like trix cereal?
what's the nicest thing you've ever done?
what's the coolest thing you've ever done for a significant other?
do you dream of getting married someday?
do you like stir fry?
what do you think of naming your son after the father(ex. roy jr.)
do you like to scrapbook?
how much time do you spend with your friends per week?
do you make good money doing what you do?
what is your favorite fruit?(describe the taste of it)
do you cut your own hair?
what do you think of horses?
what's your favorite clothing store?
what's the best gift you've ever recieved?
what does your most attractive pair of underwear look like?
what's one thing you consider very out of style?
do you think you have a good sense of humor?
do you do your own laundry?(do you like to do it)?
how good looking are you according to your significant other or ex?
do you wear sweat pants a lot?
does any part of your body hurt right now?(why or why not)
who do you love and what are you doing about it?
are you persuing your dream, or is fear stopping you?
are you doing something with your life that matters?
do you do anything to help others?
what's something you learned last week?
what was your greatest accomplishment today?
which moment from last week was most memorable?
what do you do to avoid getting stressed out?
what have you been avoiding that needs to get done?
do you like to write with sharpies?
did you set a new years resolution?(what was it?)
what are your greatest fears?
what are you most grateful for?
do you live gravy on your mashed potatoes?
if you had one week to live, who would you spend it with?
do you get enough affection?
what health problems do you have if any?
does getting/giving respect matter to you?how much?
what does your family do that annoys you?
who is your favorite teacher and why?
are you a confident person?why or why not?
ahve you ever been mushroom-picking or asparagus-picking?
do you like to spend reasons outdoors?give three reasons why:
where would you like to go on vacation?what would you do while there?
do you have any pets?how much do you love them?
have you ever been on a diet? why or why not?
do you like chocolate? what's your favorite kind?
how many pairs of jeans do you own? do they all fit?
is will smith funny?
your favorite scent/smell?
did you believe in santa claus when you were a child?
longest distance you've ever traveled on foot?
longest distance you've ever traveled on a trip?
your favorite midnight snack?
do you have any family traditions? like what?
what's the biggest lie you've ever told?
what is the best time you've ever had with your family?
when was your life most out of control?
what's worse, an each ache or a stomach ache?
do you like champagne and caviar?
what's your most treasured belonging?
what's the best movie you've seen in the past few months?
what's the most memorable memory you've had on a plane/train or bus?
what's the scariest experience you've ever had?
do you like cupcakes or regular cake better?
what is one of your stongest values?
have you ever seen how long you can hold your breath for?(and how long)
do you save your money or spend it at once?
did you or do you mind attending school?
what's your favorite computer game?
what's the biggest mistake people make on the first date?
what is the most annoying thing someone could do to you?
are you sexist?
are you sleepy right now?
what is your ethnicity? is it obvious by looking at you?
do you get turned on easily?
do you like to have slumber parties?(fav. slumber party activity)
do you have many secrets?
what's your favorite flavour of popsicle?
do you like to ride bicycles?
are you angry at anyone right now?why?
do you still like to colour?
what's your favorite children's show?
if you could have dinner with any celebrity,who would it be?
do you think you have sex appeal?(honestly)
would you ever work for microsoft?
do both of the speakers on your computer work?
have you ever made a mix c.d. for anyone? describe it:
do you have lots of pictures from childhood?
are you cold right now?
do you consider driving a hassle, or fun?
do you believe in the phrase 'love one another'?
would you ever show your private parts to strangers for money?
would the sky look better in another color?
do you like coffee? what's your favorite?
would you go on a blind date with someone you had talked to only once?
if you could transform into a dog or bird instantly which would you choose?
do you like the color yellow?
do you like waffles? with what toppings?
do you like to go the beach? do you go often?
do you ever go on walks just for personal enjoyment?
have you ever had a martini? what did you think?
do you drink alcohol? why or why not?
would you ever get band artwork tattood on you?
do you believe your a strong person?
do you like the show will and grace?
do you consider yourself physically attractive?
do you go watch live music often?
do you think there's something pretty about balloons?
do you like to watch the stars at night? how does it make you feel?