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Author: ccandacelove
Created: January 31, 2009
Taken: 124 times
Rated: PG

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***Short and Sweet***

Created by ccandacelove and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather die painful and fast or painless and slow?
Are your parents overprotective?
Do you make a difference in your everyday life?
Did you cry on Lion King when you were young?
Did you like the disney classics or think they were corny?
Was your parents having you planned or an "accident"?
Did you like the Spice Girls?
Which Shrek movie was the best?
Do you know the author of Twilight's name?
Have you ever peed in the woods?
Ever light a fire boys scout style?
Do you cry on movies?
Action films or chick flicks?
Is a motherly figure or fatherly figure more important?
Ever met a guy named Ashley?
Chicken or beef?
What's the best brand of chips?
Ever have veggie chips?
Do you eat Ramen noodles?
Coke or Pespi products?
When your child asks you "what is sex?" will u b truthful?
Have you ever seen a Dalmation puppy?
Do you have some sites blocked on your computer?
Are pit bulls evil?
Who is the best singer you know personally?
What is the most ghetto name you can think of?
Do you like Eminem/ Slim Shady?
Would you die for any of your pets?
Is white a color?