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Author: unexpected1-85
Created: January 31, 2009
Taken: 193 times
Rated: G

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Guess What This Is.

Created by unexpected1-85 and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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Do you read and believe your horoscope?
Do you have rules for naming your future children?
Why do you think we keep having food recalls?
Do food recalls prevent you from eating certain items for long periods?
Is a hair dryer a necessity for you?
Which actor, in your opinion, played the best Batman?
Would you stop and ask for directions if you were lost?
If you were atop a tall building, would you throw stuff at people below?
Do you melt when you see gorgeous eyes?
If Simon rejected you at AI tryouts, would you tell him off?
Do you believe we really landed on the moon?
Would you drive "The Shaggin' Wagon" from Dumb & Dumber?
If a spaceship landed on your front lawn, what would be your 1st reaction?
Have you ever TURNED DOWN an invite to a wedding? Why?
Do you believe people should get married in a church?
Have you stuck your hand up a vending machine to try and get something out?
Mail letters at the post office or place them in your mailbox for pick-up?
Ever filled out magazine subscription cards for someone else as a joke?
What items would you NOT buy from a rummage sale?
If there's a food drive, do you start searching for stuff YOU wouldn't eat?
Does the news depress you?
Name a movie everyone else thought was funny, but you couldn't stand:
Do you think sets of kitchen utensils should include sporks?
Does the mall you go to have an arcade? Do you go in there?
What topping do you HATE on pizzas?
What is your favorite Little Debbie snack?
Got any interesting wigs?
You need to go to the bathroom. Finish this first or get up and go?
Do hypothetical situations honestly prepare a person for what's to come?
Can you resist temptation?
Do people underestimate your intelligence?
Would a credit card get you into trouble?
Truth or dare?
Do you believe it's okay to tell white lies?
What Mario game was your least favorite, and why?
Have you ever been snowed in?
What do you like in your omelettes?
Which is more annoying: sequels or prequels?
Do you use rechargeable batteries?
Describe the chair you're sitting in. Is it comfy?
Do you like to drink Jell-o as you're making it?
What do/did you normally get detentions for?
Which That 70's Show character would you like to kick it with?
Does your alarm clock actually awaken you?
Ever think you might have seen a UFO?
Does playing games in 2-D bother you because you now play mostly 3-D games?
Tell the wierdest name of a town/city you've ever heard:
Do you know anyone who DOESN'T have a cell phone?
What would you do if you thought someone was following you?
Say a superhero like Spiderman saved you. Would you fall in love?