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Author: nikaz
Created: February 1, 2009
Taken: 283 times
Rated: PG

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Unique Questions Survey

Created by nikaz and taken 283 times on Bzoink
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Have you seen any famous city landmarks?
When did you decide you best friend was truly your BEST friend?
Where is the furthest you have traveled without leaving the country?
If you were famous, which celebrity circle would you want to be in?
Why did your last relationship end?
What subject did you regret taking at school, if any?
Do you know/ have you met your significant other's ex?
Do you spend much time with your family?
If you have a job, do you ever need to speak on the phone at work?
Have you been to any theme parties?
What do you think about censorship in music?
Where do you buy your underwear from?
Do you know anybody (other than family) with your surname?
Where was the last party you attended?
If applicable; describe your school/ work uniform:
Excluding family, who do you seen on a daily basis?
Who was starring in the last film you saw?
Does your ex live in the same town as you?
When was the last time you recieved flowers?
Have you been to the capital city of your country?
Do you illegally download your music?
Do you use T9 (Predictive Text) when texting?
Are there any appliances in your house that you don't know how to work?
Do you have any of your teachers on myspace/ facebook?
Have you seen your family tree?
What three websites do you visit the most?
Where are your favourite band from?
What comes up when you google your name?
Do you send single word text messages?
What stereotypes does your country have?
How many bookmarks do you have on your computer?
Are any of your friends virgins?
Are you wearing anything that you are borrowing from somebody?
Do you have any sort of reputation where you work/ go to school?
What is love?
What is your significant others surname?
Have you ever carved anything into a surface?
What is the most played track on your music player?
Do you go out to clubs and bars much?
Do you/ have you ever lived in a flat/ appartment?
Does the media influence you at all?
Do you play online games at all?
Do you have roast dinners on Sundays?
Do you follow trends?