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Author: ratmlover
Created: February 1, 2009
Taken: 69 times
Rated: G

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The So Awesome That You'll Explode Survey (Truely great and original)

Created by ratmlover and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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Ever sniffed flowers?
Have you ever done anything stupid in front of your crush?
Do you like the band Bad Religion?
How about Anti-Flag?
Are Tom Morello, Chris Cheney, and Brett Gurewitz the best guitarists ever?
If not than who do you think is?
How many cd's do you own?
What's the most memorable thing from your childhood?
Are you happy Obama is the president?
Are you for or against the war?
Women's rights?
Human Rights?
Animal rights?
Gay marriage?
Are you a vegetarian, vegan, or a meat eater?
Do you support Peta?
What's your favorite animal?
Has your mom ever told you to shut up?
Which is better, Guitar Hero or Rock Band?
Spell your favorite band's name backwards
Spell your name backwards
Which college do you want to go to?
What do you want to study in college?
What career do you want to have when you are older?
Do you think aliens exist?
What about ghosts?
What's your religion?
How do you believe this world was created?
Do you think the world is going to end someday?
Have you ever written a song?
Can you play any instruments?
Any instruments you can't play but you want to play?
What country are you from?
What country do you wish you were from?
So you think you can dance?
Can you sing?
Have any other talents?
Who do you hate the most?
Who do you love the most?
Would you ever join the army?
Would ever suggest to someone that they join the army?
Do sometimes feel invisible?
Do you ever feel alone?
What do you think my IQ is?
How about your IQ?
Do you like accents?
What's your favorite accent?
Would you date a guy/girl who was ugly but still had a good personality?
Do you think that there are still some nice guys/girls out there?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Has a band you liked ever sold out?
What do you think selling out is?
What's your favorite record label?
Do you believe global warming is real?
Are you going to do anything to stop it?
Have you ever babysat anyone?
Do you collect anything?
What color do you wish the sky was?
Do you wish you looked different?
What was your favorite show when you were a little kid?
Do you exercise?
Do you think Gandhi is cool?
Do you want world peace?
Do you think this survey is random?
Do you want a pet monkey?
If you could have any wild animal as your pet what would it be?
Do you want kids?
How old are you?
Did you like this survey?
Do you think that it needs more questions?
If you could have any superpower what would it be?
The End