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Author: christipuff
Created: February 2, 2009
Taken: 521 times
Rated: PG

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this or that  

Random This or That Survey! 115 questions!!!!!

Created by christipuff and taken 521 times on Bzoink
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dog or cat?
pepsi or coke?
white or black?
love with guarantee or heartbreak or to have never loved?
=] or :) ?
+ or - ?
honesty or loyalty?
vain or concieted?
singing or dancing?
blue or red?
Male superiority or Female superiority?
love or money?
freedom or security?
easy choice or right choice?
to be or not to be?
dumb or dumber?
on or off?
love or beauty?
blue pill or red pill?
Biblical Apocalypse or Universal Overexpansion ?
Truth or Happiness?
stability or adventure?
reality or dreams?
half full or half empty?
in or out?
light or dark?
to lead or to follow?
obey or demand?
logic or emotion?
modern or classic?
Blissful Ignorance or Depressing Intelligence?
sooner or later?
tattoo or piercing?
heaven or hell?
buy a vowel or spin again?
under or over?
drive the limit or speed?
left or right?
wisdom or innocence?
asleep or awake?
apple or orange?
acoustic or electric?
silk or satin?
power or intent?
ben or jerry?
reason or excuse?
paper or plastic?
ebay or amazon?
lap dance or pole dance?
cast or stitches?
Playing basketball with a tennisball or playing tennis with a ping pong bal
dawn or dusk?
sane or insane?
Being alone forever, or being stuck with someone you hate?
Calvin or Hobbes? (the kid or his tiger? for those of you who dont know)
rainbow or the pot of gold?
Insecurity or Confidence ?
thunderstorm or beautiful sunny day?
this or that?
pilot or passenger?
war or peace?
birth control or gun control?
hexed or cursed?
pen or pencil?
tv or movie?
respected or loved?
yin or yang?
a little to the left or a little to the right?
vampire or werewolf?
book smart or street smart?
fire or ice?
lightning or shooting star?
now or then?
less or more?
drowning or burning?
burden or blunder?
Falling from the height of 20000 feet into the sea or falling from 30 feet
monkey or penguin?
go out or stay in?
glue or tape?
immoral justification or moral unjustification?
hunting or fishing?
violet or indigo?
yo yo or squirt gun?
lol or lmao?
poverty or ignorance?
mommy or daddy?
money or peace of mind?
mountain or valley?
house or apartment?
Shakespear or Dickens?
daydream or regular dreams?
helping others or helping yourself?
math class or history class?
sweet tarts or sprees?
calm nothing's happening life or life full of action, scars, love, hatred,
stopping time whenever you like or immortality?
a or b?
enlightenment or immortality?
Dying young but fulfilled or living forever, unfulfilled?
Speak without thinking or thinking without speaking?
pogo stick or roller blades?
monkey or llama?
towel or air dry?
vision or hearing?
heat or air?
silver or gold?
the notebook or the titanic?
yes or no?
play doh or clay?
criss crossed or parrallel?
spin or flip?
pie or cake?