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Author: lilfunnyfroggie
Created: February 5, 2009
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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Myspace Scruples...What would You do?

Created by lilfunnyfroggie and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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You have to answer these questions COMPLETELY HONEST! Dont LIE!
If you found a wallet, would you take the cash and leave the wallet?
Would you run a light, if there was noone else around?
If you knew you wouldnt get caught, would you steal from a store?
If you found a credit card, would you use it to shop online?
Would you cheat on your husband/wife, if you knew you wouldnt get caught?
Your at walmart, in the lot.You find a cart full of stuff, what would u do?
The ATM gives you 100 dollars instead of 10, what do you do?
U find 10 bucks. Someone asks you to donate to a charity, what do u do?
You see a stray dog on the highway, do you try to save it?
Someone has a flat on the highway, do you stop to help them?
Do you let them use your cellphone to call for help?
A homeless guy is at the stoplight, would you give him food or money?
The store didnt charge you for something, do you go back in?
The cashier gives you someone else's bag, do you take it?
You get a credit card in your name only, do you tell your spouse?
There is a gift card with 45 bucks on it, and a name, do you return it?
You got to hamburgers in the drivethru, do you tell them?
You received too much change back, do you keep it?
You find a purse, do you take out the good stuff?
U drive by Goodwill, its 2 am. Someone left donations, do you go through it
Would you steal cable?
Someone dropped a movie at the redbox, return it, or keep it?
You got someone else's Netflix movie, in your box, watch it or return it?
U get the last tenants mail in your box. read it or return it?