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Author: menasykes
Created: February 12, 2009
Taken: 3 times
Rated: G

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Amis Pour Toujours. :]

Created by menasykes and taken 3 times on Bzoink
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Friend 1
Friend 2
Friend 3
Friend 4
Friend 5
If number 2 and 4 dated, what you do ?
Do number 1 and 5 like each other?
Would you rather..
date number 2 or number 3?
make with with number 5 or 3 ?
hold hands with number 4 or 1
If you had to chose one to...
bring to go see a concert, who would it be?
bring to the movies, who would it be?
color with, who would it be?
do drugs with, who would it be?
jump off a building with, who would it be ?
what if..
number 2 was in love with you
number 5 died. :[
number 4 moved far away
number 2 triped
number 3 became a stripper
number 1 didnt invite you to a huge party
number 3 feel asleep on your lap
number 1 was stuck on the side of the road
number 4 didnt like you anymore
number 5 got a monkey