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Author: ccandacelove
Created: February 12, 2009
Taken: 98 times
Rated: G

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A Bzoink Original Survey

Created by ccandacelove and taken 98 times on Bzoink
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Are you bored at the moment?
What time do you normally go to sleep?
Do you have an extremely weird talent?
Do you like taking or making surveys better?
Could you go a whole week without talking if you had to?
Do you use baby powder?
Have you ever had to memorize a speech for school?
Kitties or puppies?
Sharks or Dolphins?
Monkeys or Tigers?
Have you laughed out of nowhere today?
Do you like laffy taffy?
Are you very random?
What is your favorite nickname for yourself?
Can you hop on one foot for a long time?
Have you ever bled a lot from a small cut?
Do you like heights?
Are you afraid of bugs?
Do you drink a lot of water?
Are you different or "normal"?
Are you flexible?
Do you have a weak stomach?
What color looks best on you?
Gay, straight ,lesbian, bisexual or unsure?
Have you ever been on a cruise?
Do you believe in horoscopes/ Astrology?
Who always makes you happy?
Does seeing blood make you dizzy?
Do you have a special someone?
Do you like candy?
Do you or have you had braces?
Do you talk fast?
What's your favorite brand of toothpaste?
Do you talk with your mouth full?
Do you have many friends?
Have you ever met somebody of the opposite gender w/ your name?
Have you ever had a crush on someone else while with another person?
What is your favorite disney classic movie?
What shampoo/conditioner do you use?
What is your favorite flower?
Do you want to have kids someday?
how long have you known your best friend?
Are you outgoing?
Do you make pottery?
When do you think the world will end?