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Author: robotyque
Created: February 16, 2009
Taken: 80 times
Rated: G

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Only Numbers Survey

Created by robotyque and taken 80 times on Bzoink
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Answer the following, but only in numbers!
(Well, okay, you may add comments and explinations beside if you wish.)
Here we go! Answer the number of...
Lights (lamps, stands, etc) in the room you are in rght now?
Pets you've had in your life so far?
People you've fallen hard for?
Contacts in your cellphone?
Times a person has given you a piece of jewelry as a present?
Times you've received flowers?
Years you have completed in school?
Houses or apartments you've lived in your life?
Excercise equipments (dumbells, excerball, etc) you own?
Pens you have on your desk right now?
Letters in your name?
The age you received your first kiss?
Clocks in the room you are in right now?
Hours you need to sleep in order to function?
Cookies you can eat before you get sick of them?
Amount of money you earn per month?
Jobs you've had?
Closest friends that you've got?
Years you've been using your computer?
The two digits of your (cellphone) number?
Your crush's age (If no crush, best friend)?
Times (estimatedly) you've skipped a class?
Mirrors in your house?
Friges in your house?
Storeys you have in the building you're in right now?
Instruments that you own?
Your biological mother's age?