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Author: holloway
Created: February 20, 2009
Taken: 83 times
Rated: G

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You are my sunshine day and night.

Created by holloway and taken 83 times on Bzoink
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Has anyone ever encouraged you to talk to a social worker?
When something is bothering you, do you tell someone or hold it in?
Did you love riding merry go rounds, even as you started getting older?
Isn't it amazing letting go of balloons and watching them fly away?
Describe your favorite song:
Racism: Believe in it? Explain.
Do you believe there is a such thing as 'Bloody Mary?'
Do you breathe out your mouth or nose more often?
Explain your favorite song:
Do you judge books by their covers?
Do you enjoy school mascots, or think there's no point of them?
Can you look up at a starry sky, can you see the constellations?
Know anyone who's ever cried because they forgot to do homework?
Do first impressions worry you?
When you eat patotoes, do you eat the inside or all of it?
Name someone who has been an inspiration to you:
Is it hard for you to reply when someone expresses their emotions?
Do you correct people a lot when their grammar is off?
Are you one of those people that are double jointed?
How about can make their eyelids go over their eyes?
April Fools Day: Are you the one to prank, or get pranked?
When you go to doctors, do you still accept stickers and suckers?
Shocking or no: One of your friends that has never hugged you, hug you?
Do you try to help elderly people shovel in the wintertime?
Describe the difference between pears and plums:
Have you ever gotten a Saturday detention?
Can you defend yourself and friends, or find yourself unsteady trying to?
Why do you suppose people assume blondes are dumb?
Ever longed for somebody so much, but knew you would never become?
Name a commerical that repeats over and over: