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Author: kitty1002
Created: February 21, 2009
Taken: 727 times
Rated: PG

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Because We Love To Talk About Our Crushes (for girls)

Created by kitty1002 and taken 727 times on Bzoink
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His name?
Is he older or younger than you?
Hair color?
Long or short hair?
Thick or thin?
Eye color?
Dark or light complexion?
His body type?
Does he have nice arms?
Does he wear glasses?
Have braces?
Does he have sblings?
Does he like sports?
His favorite color?
Type of music?
Is he funny?
Does he go to your school?
Does he have a job?
How often do you see him?
Do you wish you got to see him more?
Do you ever talk to him?
Where would you hope he'd take you on your first date?
How tall is he? Is that taller or shorter than you?
Where did you meet him?
Is there anything REALLY special about them?
Have you ever dreamed about them?
Who else knows you like him?
Do most people think he's attractive?
What grade is he in?
Do you know his middle name?
Do any songs make you think of him?
Do you think he thinks about you?
His zodiac sign?
Is he more of a good boy or a rebel?
Does he have a car?
Does he have tattoos?
Do you get along with his friends?
Do you like smile?
How often do you think about him?
Would you hold his hand?
Hug him?
Dance with him?
Kiss him?
With tongues?
Sleep in his bed?
Have sex with him?
Get married to him?
Have his children?
Grow old with him?
Do you love him?