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Author: robotyque
Created: February 21, 2009
Taken: 389 times
Rated: G

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Keep Your Dream Alive

Created by robotyque and taken 389 times on Bzoink
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This is a survey you have to do if you stumble upon it.
Equipment (something you always have with you):
Shoe size:
Yes or No's
Biological parents are still married:
You have a favorite color/what:
You have a certain favorite number/what:
An animal you like is lives in the wilderness:
You preffer water over soda:
You read alot:
You know specific details about at least one flower:
Your hair has been dyed before:
You've curled your hair:
You've been pierced:
You've cheated on a test:
You smoke:
You drink:
You like to ride rollercoasters:
You wish you could move somewhere else:
You want (more) piercings:
You don't mind cleaning:
You have a round-ish writing:
You own a web cam:
You know how to drive:
You've owned at least 2 cellphones in your life:
You've been away from the computer for at least a week:
You've been in a physical fight:
You've been in an intense verbal fight:
You've broken the law (even the little ones count):
You've been mistaken by someone else before:
You lie at least once every day:
You've truly loved someone from the heart:
You've kissed a friend:
You've took someone for granted before:
You've been taken for granted before:
Ever cheated/felt guilty:
Ever stolen anything:
You've held a gun before:
Clothes you have on atm:
Your mood right now:
A taste you have in your mouth:
Scent you can smell:
Your hairstyle:
Something you want to do:
Any music:
Most recent book you've read:
Most recent movie you watched:
Last thing you put in your mouth:
Last person you talked with on the phone:
The last time you used 'drag' with your mouse:
Bit More About You
Do you often daydream:
How would you rate your personality 1-10:
Do you get jealous often:
How many percent do you concider to be an 'Angel':
What about Devil:
How shy are you:
Can you read aloud well without stuttering:
Current tired-o-meter: