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Author: tiamats4esgares
Created: February 26, 2009
Taken: 512 times
Rated: G

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My First Unique 256-Question Survey

Created by tiamats4esgares and taken 512 times on Bzoink
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Do you take pictures of yourself on a daily basis?
Have you ever left a job and stole something before leaving?
Have you ever stolen anything from anywhere, period?
Do you like the name Adam?
What is the first liquid you drank today?
Have you ever been to the largest city in your country?
Have you been to your country's capital city?
Have you ever been to Los Angeles, California?
Do you believe in angels?
Did you know McDonald's has a dollar menu for breakfast, too?
Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Or do you not care either way?
What do you think of Portland, Oregon mayor Sam Adams lying to his voters?
Do you believe that he's now telling the truth?
Is there anything in your past that you used to regret, but now you don't?
Have you bled today?
When is the last time you ate donuts?
Do you like Little Debbie brand snacks or Hostess better?
What's the longest word you know of that you can type with your left hand?
Are you left handed?
Do you use your left or right thumb to press the space bar?
Have you ever had a Hershey's bar with almonds?
Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
What is your favorite IM service?
What cell phone company do you have?
Do you text on a daily basis? What about hourly?
Do you like white sand or yellow sand better?
Do you eat yellow snow?
What button on your keyboard do you press most besides the space bar?
What's the last song you listened to?
When is the last time you sneezed?
Who is the 3rd person you talked to this morning?
Are you dating the last person you talked to on the phone?
How long was the first sub sandwich you ate this year?
Do you think street lights being red, yellow, and green is kind of random?
Do you live in a city with more than 100,000 people?
Do you know how many cities in the US have that many people?
Do you even care?
Do you like surveys that have good grammar and spelling?
Does your knee hurt?
Has anyone ever bitten your knee?
Do you know anyone whose name starts with an X, Q, or U?
Do you know anyone whose name ends with a J, Q, or W?
Do you know what the Burj Dubai is?
Have you ever been to the UAE?
Do you even know what UAE stands for?
Do you even know what USA stands for?
Do you live in the USA or the UAE?
Would you rather live in one of those countries?
Top 8
Has # 8 ever eaten in front of you?
Have you ever been on a date with #1?
Does #2 remind you of any cartoon characters?
Is #6 your best friend?
Why is #6 there instead of #5?
Can #4 count backwards from 69 to -248?
Can #2 touch his/her nose with his/her tongue?
Have you ever been outside with #1 when it was below freezing?
Has #1 ever been skating with you?
Has #5 ever let you borrow clothing before?
Would #8 and #7 make a cute couple?
If #2 and #3 both were in a wreck at the same time, would that be sad?
Did #4 go to #5's last birthday party?
Did #5 go to #4's wedding?
Who is sexier: #3 or #7?
Is #3 your best friend?
#6 and #7 just confessed they love you. You're single. Which do you date?
More questions about you!
Has anyone ever called you sexy?
Do you like praying mantises?
Is that the plural of playing mantis?
Do you have children?
What car do you drive?
Have you ever eaten a date?
Do you like raisins?
Would you buy three 12-packs of coke products if you liked Pepsi?
Did that question even make sense?
Did you know this is the 85th question?
Have you ever been in a buidling with more than 85 floors?
What is your favorite bug?
What color is your camera?
Have you ever hit a girl?
Have you ever hit a boy?
Have you ever hit a dog?
What is the color of your favorite outfit?
Do you wear jeans?
Are you a prep?
How many friends do you have that are not of your race?
Do you speak any language besides English?
Where do you work?
Can you eat cheese?
Are you able to get people to believe you when you are lying?
Who was your favorite teacher in middle school?
Was math your worst subject in high school?
Are you in college?
Have you ever driven a purple car?
Have you ever seen a purple car that looked good?
What about green car?
Do you prefer brown trucks or gray ones better?
When was the last time you went to CVS or Walgreens to get perscriptions?
What is your favorite drug store?
Do you drink hard liquor?
Do you like scrabble?
Have you ever seen a flying cow?
What were you doing on April 21, 2008?
Can you count to 113 in a language other than English?
Do you like the number 256?
What should you be doing now instead of this survey?
What is your favorite card in a standard deck of 52 cards?
Have you ever played 52-card pickup?
Do you like labels?
Do you have a printer?
Would you ever kiss somebody in a classroom full of at least 25 people?
Do you like Kanye West?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite way to fix chicken?
Can you cook?
Have you ever cooked any kind of chicken before?
Do you like sweet and sour chicken on white rice?
What is the 2nd most harvested crop in the world?
Do you even like corn?
Have you ever drank corn syrup by itself?
Did you know "maple syrup" is mostly corn syrup?
Did you know it's not the only food item that is mostly corn syrup?
Have you met anyone new yet today?
Who is your biggest enemy?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Who is the biggest person you know?
Have you ever overheard a conversation you weren't supposed to?
Do you wish it was 10 hours later than it is now?
What are you going to be doing exactly 31 months from now?
Which of your nation's top 15 largest cities have you been to?
Have you ever been to New York City, Chicago, or Indianapolis?
When you read that, did you think that was my answer to the above?
Well, it is. Which of those 3 cities is your favorite?
Have you ever even been to New York, Illinois, or Indiana?
What is your favorite US city?
What is your favorite city in the world?
Do you want some pie?
I have some chicken fried pork, would you like some of it too?
Ok, well, have you ever stayed up until 7:30 AM?
Have you ever lived in Pennsylvania, Arizona, or Hawaii?
Have you ever lived in Quebec, Dubai, or Chihuahua?
Did you even know Chihuahua was a place?
Do you know why pH has a capitalized H?
Do you wish mosquitos were smaller?
Do you wish ladybugs were bigger?
Do you like ants?
Did you like the movie Antz?
What is your favorite Disney movie?
What do you think of "Octomom"?
Do you like octopi?
Have you ever taken a 256-question survey before?
Do you wish this survey was longer, shorter, or neither?
This is only question 165, you have a ways to go. Is that ok?
What was your favorite ice cream flavor when you were little?
Is it still your favorite?
By the way, what is your name?
And what time is it?
What time zone do you live in?
Me too! Just kidding. Have you ever been to North Korea?
Which historic war do you think is the most fascinating, and why?
What race of people do you think are the most racist?
How many unread e-mails are currently in your inbox?
Is there a 5th Avenue in the city you live in?
Have you ever driven on it in the snow?
Does your city have too many stoplights?
What street is your favorite?
How many telephones are in your house (not cell phones)?
Do you like drums?
Have you ever drank goat milk?
What is your favorite flavor tootsie roll pop?
What is your favorite soft drink?
And what do you weigh?
I see. That explains things. So do you want to go to bed?
Too bad, only question 186. Do you like the number 186?
Why or why not?
Are you going to save your survey results so I can read it?
Have you ever found a $10 bill on the ground?
Do you care that the US is having a recession?
Do you think it'll be worse than the Great Depression?
What's your favorite video game?
Do you like cats?
Are goldfish your favorite fish?
Have you ever eaten a goldfish?
How many pets do you have?
How many times have you been to Wal-Mart this year?
What is the third-to-last Wal-Mart you've been to?
How old is the oldest person who lives in your house?
Does your house have a second floor?
Do you wish your house had a basement?
Do you like vanilla pudding?
What is your favorite restaurant?
Do you like Dream Street?
Which band is your favorite?
Which American Idol is your favorite, ever?
Should Chris Daughtry have won?
Should David Archuleta have one?
Does Taylor Hicks suck?
Does Taylor Swift suck?
Do you know who Craig Ferguson is?
What do you smell right now?
What is your opinion on abortion?
What is your opinion on gay marriage?
What is your opinion on gay adoption?
Is New Mexico going to be the next state to allow gay marriage?
Have you ever even been there?
Do you care that New Mexico is right by Mexico?
Have you ever been to a state that borders Mexico?
Do you like the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean better?
Does the country you live in border either, neither, or both of those?
Have you ever wished someone would die, and then they did?
You must feel terrible. Care for a cookie?
Do you like crumpets and scones?
Have you ever seen the 5th avocado?
Have you ever been in a limousine?
Which two US state capitals are the largest by population?
Have you ever seen a big bird fly by?
Was the bird on fire?
What if it came back to life?
Do you like racecar driving?
Have you ever been to a big city in indian land?
How many highways are near your house?
Do you realize I had like 6 questions in a row about the one above them?
Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
I'm bad at hinting at stuff. Do you know anyone that way?
Question #237, 19 to go!
Do you wish this survey was over yet?
Why are you still taking this survey?
Oh by the way, did you figure out the answer to number 227?
I knew you would. ^_^ Do you like that smiley I just did?
Do you wish the smiley :- wasn't ruined on Yahoo instant messenger?
Do you think Panic! at the disco and Yahoo! are dumb for having the "!'s"?
Why did you and your last ex break up?
Do you wish it wasn't over?
Are you currently in a relationship?
Are you happy about that?
If I do another 256-question survey, will you take it?
What is your favorite David Cook song?
How many more minutes until you will next eat?
Do you have to go to school and/or work today?
When is the last time you went to Long John Silvers?
Is there a "merged" restaurant in your city (like Taco Bell/KFC)?
Do you like Pizza hut?
Is A&W your favorite brand of root beer?
Did you like this survey?