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About This Survey

Author: cs1127
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

life and everything

Created by cs1127 and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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About Me
what is your name?
how old are you?
what color are your eyes?
what is your fav color?
what is your fav food?
what is your fav internet site?
on myspace, facebook etc. whos page do you spend most your time on?
fav band / artist?
fav actor / actress?
how old were you when you went to school?
where did you go to elementary?
Where did you go to middle school?
where did you go to high school?
were you a good or bad kid?
were you in clubs?
did you play any sports?
were you in choir or band?
who was your best friend?
where did you hang out the most?
have you ever done any drugs?
were you happy with your school life?
who was your high school sweetheart ? did you even have one?
who did you go to homecoming, prom with? or did you even go?
what did you do after the dances? if you went!
how many have you had?
have you ever dated 2 or more people with the same name?
who were you happiest with?
who was the best kisser?
does any of them still hold your heart?
who have you been with the longest?
minus relationships that only lasted a few weeks who was your last bf/gf?
minus the guys you were only with a month or less who was your first bf/gf?
do any of the guys you dated still cross your mind?
do you cross theres? do you know? or even care to know?
have you ever talked about marriage if yes to who?
have you ever been engaged? how many times?
if you are engaged or married how did he propose? if not how do u want it?
where did you have your wedding? or where do u want to have it?
where did you have your reception? or where do u wish to have it?
what was your first dance etc... songs? or what do you want them to be?
who were your bridal party? or who do you want them to be?
use this if you need more room.
how about flower girl and ring bear?
did you have a big or small wedding? or which do you want?
do you have any kids? if so how old, and what are there names?
do you still have the same friends you had in highschool?
are you happy with where your life is?
where do you see yourself in 5 years?
where do you see yourself in 10 years?
how about 15?
do you have a job? and what is your dream job?
do you go to school?
have you ever talked bad about your man?
have you ever cheated?
have you ever dated a friends ex?
has anything bad ever happen to you? have you ever told if it has?
have you ever kept a secret from your bestfriend?
do you have a secret with your bestfriend?
Do you have any secrets your afraid to talk about?
for the following questions put your playlist on freestyle!
answer with title and if it answers the queastion a lyric from the song!
what was the song your mom was humming when she first held you?
what song reminds you of your life?
what does your ex think of you?
what does your parents think of you?
how does your last ex really feel about you?
what will you listen to the next time you cry?
what will you say to the next person that makes you sad?
what will you say to the next person who yells at you?
what are you doing right now?
what is your family talking about?
where is your bf/ gf/ husband/wife/ crush?
what are they talking about?
what do you think of yourself?
what song are you gonna get stuck in your head?
how are you feeling?
what does your room look like?
what are you wearing?
what are you really thinking about right now?
do you have any regrets?
do you miss anyone?
who are your top friends answer the questions (don't cheat)
what is your # 1's favorite food?
where is your # 4's fav place to go?
how old is your #3
are you keeping a secret from your #2?
have you kissed any of your top friends?
do they all know eachother?
what would you think if your #1 slept with/dated your #2?
are any of your top friends family?
does any of your top friends talk shit or 2 faced?
do you love your top friends?
do they love you?
are you sure?
where are they right now then ? hahaha j/p
do you have any people on your top friends you want to take off?
is there anyone you want to put on your top friends but can't!
okay Im bored already bored and wanna do something else!