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Author: tiamats4esgares
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 115 times
Rated: G

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My Third Unique 256-Question Survey

Created by tiamats4esgares and taken 115 times on Bzoink
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Will this survey end up being 256 questions?
Do you like pork chops?
Have you ever hit a girl?
Do you wear ankle bracelets?
Did hurricane Ike affect you?
Are you there for pork chops?
Have you ever been fed?
Have you ever been dead?
Has a girl ever beat you up?
Have you ever called a number in your bathroom?
Can Chuck Norris print from your printer?
Have you been to the gym today?
Did you feed your gerbils today?
Have you ever been to Alaska?
Did your parents raise you in a barn?
Do you like cow meat?
Where was the largest street festival in the US in 2006?
Why is that?
And did you go?
Why or why not?
The oldest of a certain species of animal resides in that city. Which one?
Do you like M&M cookies?
Yummy! Have you ever made them before?
Are you making them tomorrow?
Does this survey "have everything" yet?
Do you know who Daniel Tosh is?
Do you olive juice me?
Have you ever eaten cool hwip?
Do you know what a pouilly slime is?
Ok, then what is it?
Would you look good in sunglasses?
Have you ever had a relationship with a velociraptor?
What is your favorite color tanning bed?
Do you enjoy taking your shoes off?
Do you know what Ctrl + Q does?
Have you ever typed on a qwerty keyboard?
I don't believe you. Have you commited to your bf/gf completely?
What is your opinion of Georg Bush Jr.?
Has your heart ever been completely torn apart?
Why did your last ex break up w/ you?
Well I'm sorry it didn't work out. Do you need a hug?
I hate passionfruit with a passion. Don't you?
Who did you last call?
How long was this phone call?
Did it end well?
Who hung up first?
Did you go to that person's last birthday party?
Did they have pizza there?
Was it pepperoni?
Did you like it?
Have you played billiards within the last 49 days?
Was a walrus on your front doorstep this morning?
What is Nancy's real name?
Have you ever really read the Bible?
What did you learn from it?
By the way, do you like cherry syrup?
Do you know who Phillip D'Morsaie is?
Did you know Phoenix and Indianapolis are the 2 largest state capitals?
Yeah, I didn't know that either. Where did you learn it?
Nobody got that right on my first survey. Why is that?
Well, somebody knew Phoenix was one of them. Was it you?
Do you like olives?
Do you buy olives in jars or cans?
Can you count to 50 backwards from 72?
Have you ever done yoga?
Do you wear red mascara?
Do you eat pies with carrots?
Don't you wish carrots could talk?
What would they say?
Have you ever had a conversation with a carrot?
Have you ever sang a duet with a shark?
Do you watch the Bernie Mac show?
Who is that dude on TV?
He has hair and brown eyes. Do you know who he is?
Oh! Do you watch "This is Howie Do It"?
Has anyone ever sung "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to you while eating pie?
I only said pie because it's shorter than crackers. Do you like crackers?
What time is it?
In what time zone?
Can you spell a word using 2 states' postal abbreviations?
Do you talk to women?
Do you play the electric guitar in the bathroom?
When is the last time you had sweet potato fries for dinner?
If cheesecake was a flavor of pizza rolls, would you buy them?
How was the weather like today?
Fabulous. Are you certain it didn't rain?
What color poncho would you like to wear?
Can you see?
What is the name of the last blind person you talked to?
What color extensions do you wear?
And what color are your glasses?
Would you break up with your bf/gf if he/she changed his/her name?
What's your favorite radio station?
Did you know this is question 94?
I know! So do you like Craig Ferguson?
Was it another rerun tonight?
Do you think cinnamon companies should make birth control pills?
What is your favorite city in Italy?
What is your favorite geometric shape?
What is your favorite building?
In what city is that building located?
Have you ever been there?
Do you like the smell of bacon?
Do you think bacon really comes from pigs?
Do you think steak really comes from hippos?
Have you ever seen the world's oldest hippo?
Who is your favorite character on Super Smash Brothers Brawl?
Have you seen the world's youngest pig?
I have news for you, it's probably not the youngest anymore. Is that ok?
I'm glad. Did you smile? I smiled. Did you?
Do wish at 11:11?
What about at 5:55?
If you are 333, are you half evil?
Is congress the opposite of progress?
Do you like wooden desks better?
Can you play the drums?
Do you like mums?
What is your favorite flower?
Today have you taken a shower?
Do you like cauliflower?
Can you eat and hit your brother at the same time?
Can you fly to the moon and back?
If bunnies aren't your favorite animals, then what is?
Do you know anyone taller than you?
Do you know anyone shorter than you?
Do you know anyone that has more hair than you?
Complete the lyrics:
It's a love story, baby just...
I've had a little bit too much...
Remember when we stayed up late and we...
And the girls next door dress up like...
They always seen it coming, it was only just...
It hid the braces on his legs at first. His smile was as birght as...
We trade a couple words, and minutes, and....
I was standin' there waitin' in my room for you...
Why there's 4 of them, heaven only knows. I guess it's...
Oh, and I don't wanna die for you, but if dyin's askin' me...
Holding the life of the ones that we guide from...
Now this nation that I love is fallin' under attack...
Call your name every day, and I feel....
I see you next to never, how can we...
I don't mind spendin' every day out on your corner in the pouring rain...
If it feels so great, so just follow me down and...
I'm here without you baby, but your still on my lonely mind...
I don't wanna believe it's over...
18 is enough, more randomness!
Have you cried this week?
I have, several times. Is that sad?
Some were happy tears but some were sad ones too. Am I making you sad?
I'm making me sad, so moving on. Do you like fish?
Ok, that's nice. Do you listen to music when you're upset?
Yeah, me too, maybe that's the reason for the lyrics. Do you like lyrics?
Do you like to listen to sad songs or happy songs when you're sad?
Are you emo?
Do you label people?
Have you ever cried and wished that all you could do was laugh?
You couldn't, could you? That's horrible. Isn't it?
I'm sorry for all the sad questions. Forgive me?
Have you ever had a relationship last 10 months and 6 days?
I have. What about 10 months and 7 days?
I haven't. Do you consider yourself lucky, if you have?
Because you are. :) What do you say to your friends when they're down?
Do you like the band Skillet?
Did you know this was question 162?
Lol, well it is. So do you think you can make it to 256?
I hope I can too. Can you ride your bike without handlebars?
What is your favoirte song?
Do you have a 4th favorite song? What is it?
Who is the 5th-to-last person to text you?
Do you remember you used to laugh at stupid stuff, like Barney?
Have you fell UP stairs?
Are you upstairs right now?
When is the last time you were in a building with more than 6 floors?
Do you work in a building with at least 2 floors?
Are you ever worked for a company that was headquartered in another city?
I do. :) Have you ever been to Goodlettsville, Tennessee?
What is your least favorite state?
I was hinting anything! Ok, maybe I was. Have you been to this state?
What made your experience so horrible?
Have you ever been to a Shoe Carnival?
Was it in Goodlettsville?
Have you ever been to Aurora, Illinois?
Have you ever been to Kansis City, Missouri?
Have you ever been to Vancouver, British Columbia?
Have you ever been to Barcelona, Spain?
Have you ever been to Chihuahua, Chihuahua?
Have you ever been to Tokyo, Japan?
Do you live in any of the above 7 cities (including Goodlettsville)?
When is the last time you cut your finger?
How did you cut it?
Are you ok now?
Did you use a bandage?
Do you know how to spell Cincinatti?
Well, you do now. Have you ever been there?
I know. I asked in my last survey. But I like that city. And do you?
I didn't think so, but oh well. Have you ever been to Newport, Kentucky?
Are you tired of the city questions?
Have you ever been to Winnipeg, Canada on July 1?
Do you know what is special about that day in Canada?
Do you know why November 5 is special in the UK?
And do you know the significance of the 4th Thursday of November in the US?
Most Bzoinkers seem to be from the US, but this is my 3rd day. Am I right?
Does your local bar charge you to enter?
Have you ever acctually seen a "No Shirt, No Service" sign?
How many sides do detour signs have?
I didn't think you'd know. But you know stop sign, right?
Ok, and what color are oranges?
Duh! What about avocados?
Haha, you don't know. It's ok. Do you feel dumb?
Lol, well don't. Do you like to read?
Do you like your truck?
Do you like your girlfriend?
Do you like to take her out to dinner?
Do you like a movie now and then?
But do you love this bar?
When is the last time you purchased a Stephen King novel?
What was the price?
Do you know anyone whose name starts with an L, Q, or E besides Logan?
Have you ever slept anywhere besides a bed, chair, couch, or the floor?
40 questions to go! Do you wish it was longer?
If I made another 256-question survey, would you take it?
Ok, then I will. :D Do you like that face?
Do you know what XD means?
It's a face, see the X are the eyes and D is the mouth. Cute, huh?
Are cats cute as adults, or only as kittens?
Is it a little past 9 now?
Did your friends just pull up in a white pick-up truck?
But your parents knew they were coming, right?
Are you old enough to go out with them?
Make sure you stick a note on the door! Did you?
What did it say?
Does your mom care that you went out?
Is your daddy in the kitchen, staring at the window?
What do you think he's thinking?
Did you ever have a poney tail as a child?
Do you do laundry?
Do you have a dryer in your house?
What about a washer?
Do you go to church every Sunday morning?
Are you dating an attractive person?
Do you wish you could get back with your ex?
I'm single. :) Will you hit me up?
Haha, you don't have to. But what's your number?
Just kidding, you didn't acctually give it to me did you?
Have you ever met anyone in person after meeting them online?
What is their name(s)?
Where they nice?
Do you still talk?
Why or why not?
Did you ever date them?
What are you wearing on your feet at the moment?
Have you eaten eggs, tomatos, and cucumbers at once (like in a salad)?
What is your least favorite food?
And why's that?
What is your least favorite pizza topping?
Are you about to go to bed?
Are you listening to music?
Did you like this survey?