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Author: lover-face
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 130 times
Rated: G

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Oh golly gee an awesome random survey! <3

Created by lover-face and taken 130 times on Bzoink
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Do you enjoy movies with subtitles?
Can you recite the alphabet backwards?
Pop Rocks or Ring Pops?
Do you ever randomly start singing?
Do you listen to electro/techno-pop?
Do you ever watch IFC?
Have you ever been called a drama queen?
Can you easily remember the lyrics to songs?
How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
Hello Kitty or My Little Pony?
Do you have a bedtime routine?
Does eye contact make you nervous?
Does pencil tapping or pen clicking annoy you?
Sneakers or flip-flops?
Do you have any facial piercings?
Has anybody told you
What's the newest addition to your wardrobe?
Do you sleep with a light on?
What was the last thing you bought from a vending machine?
Do you have any embarrassing posters hanging on your bedroom walls?
Have you ever given somebody a makeover?
Are you fast texter?
Card games or board games?
Do you have a "blankie" or stuff animal from your childhood?
Where are you going for spring break?
Jump rope or hop scotch?
Can you sing in key?
What was the last advice you gave to someone?
Have you ever experienced an indentity crisis?
Which day of the week are you looking forward to?