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Author: prolifeguardian
Created: March 1, 2009
Taken: 396 times
Rated: PG

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A bit of everything, but lets go a bit deep

Created by prolifeguardian and taken 396 times on Bzoink
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Regular annoying about you questions
Whats your birth name?
What do you prefer to be called?
How old are you?
Have you already had your Golden Birthday?
How tall are you?
Do you like your height?
I never ask ppls weight, I think its rude! Don't you?
Were you born with an extra finger or toe?
What is your natural hair color?
Have you ever dyed it an abnormal color?
What color are your eyes?
Is your eye color changed by contacts?
Do you have braces?
Any piercings or tattoos?
Have you read these books?
Arms of Love?
Love of a Lifetime?
Harry Potter Series?
The Tales of Beedle that Bard? (usually only if ur a huge HP fan)
Lord of the Rings?
The Dragonlance Chronicles?
Chronicles of Narnia
Jack Sparrow (teenage series)?
Dr. Seuss Books?
A Walk to Remember
Old Yeller
Where the Red fern grows?
Call of the Wild?
Because no one knows there favorite movie.. Have you seen...
The Lord of the Rings
Bridge to Terabithia
Harry Potter
The Phantom of the Opera
Pirates of the Caribbean
French Kiss
A walk to remember
Amazing Grace
The Dark Knight
The Prestige
Sweeney Todd
What are your personal beliefs?
Do you believe in God
Are you a Christian?
Do you believe in Jesus Christ
Do you believe in Angels
Do you believe in Demons
Do you believe in the Devil
Do you believe in Heaven
Do you believe in Hell
Do you believe in Purgatory
Do you believe that the Anti-Christ walks the earth today or will soon?
Do you practice your faith?
If you do not believe in God... what is your reason?
Is there any good reason to sin?
Do you believe in confessing your sins to a Priest?
Political Views...
Are you a Republican/Democrat/Independent
Are you glad that Obama won?
Did you know that while Obama was in Muslim School McCain was in Vietnam?
Do you think our troops should be taken out of the middle east?
Do you think that our troops should be sent into Africa?
Do you think that if our troops are sent to Africa it will be like Vietnam?
Do you know what bills Obama has passed so far?
Does your local church service talk about politics?
Does the majority of your family have the same political views?
Are you of legal age to vote?
Are you part of any political groups/organizations?
Do you even watch the news or study politics?
Why do you or do you not care about Politics
If the economy is so bad... then why is it hard to find a parking place ??
#1 cause of death in the world...
Are you prolife or pro choice?
Did you know that abortions are the #1 cause of death in the entire world?
Do you consider an abortion murder?
Do you consider contraception murder?
Do you know what FOCA is?
Incase you don't... FOCA is the Freedom of Choice Act
How could America be the best nation when we're killing our own children?
Would you ever give into the pressure of having an abortion?
Would you ever try and get someone to have an abortion or agree with them?
Have you ever seen pictures of an aborted child?
Do you actually know the procedure?
Did you know there is a huge risk of breast cancer if you have one?
Did you know a girl went into a coma for 3 weeks during the procedure?
Did you know abortions can be fatal for the mother too?
About your love life...<3 (if single skip this part)
Are you courting/dating/in a relationship/engaged/married?
do you know the difference between courting and dating?
how long have yall been together?
who asked who?
how old were you when you met?
if not engaged or married, can you see yourself marrying this person?
where was the first date?
Do you think your in love?
Have you ever felt this way about anyone else before?
Just for the girls(guys you can say if you've done it tho)
What is your favorite thing he has done for you?
Has he held your hand in his and rubbed it with his thumb?
Has he kissed your forehead?
Has he kissed your cheek?
Has he kissed your nose?
Has he kissed your chin?
Has he kissed your ear?
Has he kissed your neck?
Has he kissed you up and down your arm?
Has he kissed your feet?
Has he kissed your knee?
Has he kissed your lips?
Both of you together...
Have yall french kissed?
Have yall made out?
In a car?
in public?
in a closet?
in a bedroom?
in front of your friends?
in front of your parents?
Family Life...
Were your parents married when you were conceived?
What day were you born?
Are you parents still together?
Is your family life good or bad?
Do you have siblings?
Are you the oldest,middle,or youngest?
Any close relatives behind bars?
Ever ran away?
did you ever rebel?
did you ever get away with things?
were you/are you grounded often?
do your parents make their decisions together?
who are you closer to, mom or dad?
do you like where you live?
have any kids?
if so what are there names?
do you have a favorite boy and girl name? what are they?
have any pets?
live in the city or country?
do you know your 4th cousins?
Random questions ... here we go...
have you ever milked a cow?
Do you eat red meat?
after a shower do you dress in the bathroom or your room?
do you have a laptop or desktop?
are you a beach or mountain person?
does the television interest you anymore?
can you play any instruments?
do you watch the Secret Life on ABCfamily?
Whats your favorite wild land animal?
Favorite Water animal?
ever been to disney world?
how about Los Angeles?
Is "Across the Universe" one of your favorite movies?
do you go to a youth group or any kind of religious study group?
have you ever been to a Steubenville Retreat?
Is there a certain song stuck in your head?
Does this help?... oh do you know the muffin man ...
What color is your bedroom?
do you have a regular blanket or is it designed?
are you a flanel and plaid person?
do you have an old computer in your house that no one uses?
have a cell phone?
does your printer work?
what is your favorite scent for the opposite sex?
is your christmas tree real or artificial?
do you still go trick or treating?
is there a lock on your bedroom door?
did you know u can rip pages out of calenders for posters?
do you like to hang things from your ceiling?
have you ever fallen into a pit of water moccasins and survived? (i have)
Do people believe you when you say you saw a bee the size of your pinky?
Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings Character?
Finish the Sentence....
Thank God...
Remember When...
oh when the saints
i've got a lovely bunch
can you see
i'm the kind of person who
have you seen
i lost my
the dog just
no mom i will not
i don't care if its
i despise
its raining at the
In the beginning
I tried to tell you
next time
is this thing ever
i'm so tired of
man i sure am
can i have
i want a
please stop that
what is the
science class is so
God is so
politicians are so
the world is
can monkeys
have you ever seen