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Author: tiamats4esgares
Created: March 1, 2009
Taken: 367 times
Rated: G

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My Fourth Unique 256-Question Survey

Created by tiamats4esgares and taken 367 times on Bzoink
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How tall are you?
Who is the last person you talked to taller than you?
Based on how much money you make now, how many people could you support?
How much weight can your back support?
When is the last time you went to a water park?
Have you ever donated a helmet to an organization?
Do you wear your helmet?
What animal scares you the most?
Do you buy girl scout cookies?
Do you recycle?
What county, parish, etc. do you live in?
When is the last time you went to a different one?
Have you ever been to a casino?
Which one(s)?
How far away is the nearest casino?
Do you know anyone in a gang?
Is your favorite color a primary color (red/yellow/blue)?
What vegetable did you last eat out of a can?
Do you know more males or females that are bisexual?
Have you ever dated somebody of a different race?
What do you think of the song "I Shot the Sheriff"?
What is your favorite genre of music?
Favorite movie genre?
What does a "code brown" mean at Wal-Mart?
Did you know the different "codes" are written on the employees' nametags?
Is Virginia for lovers?
Have you ever been to the country dirrectly west of the one where you live?
What language does that country's people speak?
Do you know what the song "Citizen/Soldier" is about?
Does the recession make you feel uncertain about the future?
How many things in the future are truly certain?
Where do you plan to work in the year 2012?
Do you think the world will end that year?
What makes you think that way?
If you had to marry your cousin, which one would you marry?
Have you ever been to Salt Lake City?
Have you ever tried out for American Idol or a similar show?
Do you enjoy watching The View?
If money wasn't a concern, what car would you drive?
Is your toe currently in pain?
What did you pay for the last beverage you bought?
Do you have a friend named Julie?
Do you know anyone named Blake?
What about Tawfique?
Have you ever been to Toronto?
Have you been inside your city's tallest building?
What is that building used for?
Throughout the course of your life, how many people have you loved?
Have you ever put aluminum foil in the microwave?
What do you think would happen if you did?
What if you put a battery in there?
Have you ever thrown a batter in a fire?
Have you ever been injured in a fire?
Do you have any major health problems?
Are you alergic to bees?
Have you ever been stung by one?
Have you ever killed one?
When was the last time you were on Myspace?
Is it easy for you to drive slower than 20 MPH (33 KPH).
Do you wear earrings on a daily basis?
What about bracelets?
What does your favorite bracelet look like?
What were you doing on the 16th day of last month?
Did you watch an movies last Friday the 13th? If so, which ones?
Have you ever been to Robard, Kentucky?
In what city is the last hospital you went to?
How many houses did you go to last Christmas and Christmas Eve?
Do you know anyone with a Myspace or Facebook over 55 years of age?
What color socks are you wearing?
Would you be willing to accept money from someone poorer than you?
Have you ever ridden a dolphin?
Do you think Judge Judy is truly a kind person?
And when is the last time you went to church?
This or That
Coke or Pepsi?
Mountain Lightning or Mountain Dew?
Dr. Pepper or Dr. Thunder?
Sam's Choice or Clover Valley?
Pretzels or Cheetos?
Minneapolis or St. Paul?
Kansas City, KS or Kansas City, MO?
Portland, OR or Portland ME?
Cheeseburger or Hamburger?
Fries or Onion Rings?
Coffee or Tea?
Sweet or Unsweet?
Toyota or Honda?
Black Limousines or White Limousines?
Breakfast or Lunch?
McDonald's or Burger King?
Sparkle or Bounty?
Angel Soft or Charmin?
Love or Money?
Text or Call?
Truck or Car?
News or Infomerical?
Hillary or Bill?
West Virginia or Kentucky?
Canada or Australia?
North America or Europe?
To be or not to be?
Ok, back to fun questions ^_^
Have you ever used a catalyst for anything?
Does your country's flag have exactly three colors on it?
Have you seen Taken or Hostel 2? Do you think the movies are very similar?
I didn't think so either. Which did you like more?
I did too! Isn't that funny how much alike we are?
How cold do you think it is outside right now?
Is the sun shining?
That could be why. Do you wish it was snowing?
When was the last time you wished at 11:11?
Have you ever known a gorilla to commit suicide?
Do you think it's cheaper to eat at McDonald's than cook a meal yourself?
Do you enjoy watching fish?
When is the last time you went fishing?
So is time for a top 12?
Top 12 and You
Have you ever seen #6 and #10 in the same day?
When is the last time you saw #11?
Is #8 your best friend's relative?
Do you even know #10?
What is #6's favorite color?
What is #2's favorite song?
What is #5's favorite scent?
Have you ever given money to #5?
What is #9's dad's name?
What is #10's mom's name?
How many times do you hang out with #8 on a weekly basis?
Do you see #4 every day?
Does #9 see #2 every day?
What if #9 dated #5?
And would #11 and #3 make a cute couple?
Are #3 and #2 related?
What temperature was it the last time you saw #6?
Is #6 random?
Do you wish #3 was your bf/gf?
Is #9 related to your bf/gf?
Is #3 in any of your classes?
Is #5 scared of spiders?
Do you want to kiss #4?
Is #4 your bf/gf?
Uh-oh. O.O More questions:
Does #12 read your surveys?
Is #7 a male?
Are you a male?
Have you ever received mail from #4?
Does #1 support you in all that you do?
Do you support #1 in all that he/she does?
Have #12 and #13 ever eaten lunch together?
What about #11 and #1?
#7 and #12?
Do you love #7?
Does #2 eat marshmallows?
Are you tired of these questions?
Me too.
Does it annoy you when people make labels to answer their own questions?
Do you like top 12 or top 8 questions more?
Did you like my "this or that" section?
Do you think this survey is almost over?
Well, it's not. 86 more questions!
How much would you pay for a 2009 Mitsubishi Highlander?
Have you ever been to a place named after a famous animal?
Do you own a horse?
Are you wanted at your house?
Are you hungry?
How about some pancakes?
Do you like IHOP?
Did you like Paul Harvey?
Have you ever even heard of him?
What is your favorite television station?
Do you know anyone with psychic abilities?
Should black people dye their hair?
Should white people dye their hair?
Should people dye white t-shirts?
Have you ever dyed a white t-shirt?
Have you ever worn a white t-shirt?
Have you ever gotten annoyed at too many questions about white t-shirts?
Do you know anyone whose last name is Elpers?
Do you know any women who didn't change their last name after marriage?
Do you know any women with hyphenated last names?
What do same-sex couples do with their last names when they get married?
Can you sew?
Do you like jell-o?
Do you sniff snow?
Can you lick your elbow?
Have you ever shot an arrow with a bow?
Have you ever watered your grass so that it would grow?
How many left-handed people do you know?
Do you think your parents are slow?
Do you know anyone with an afro?
How long did it take it to grow?
Does that blow?
Are you going to go?
Do you have to go?
I don't want you to go. :)
Have you ever seen "Rain Man"?
What time is it in the nearest city bigger than yours?
Is that the same time it is where you live?
Doesn't that suck.
Do you like that city?
Do you ever go there?
Is that city Louisville, KY?
Is that city Tokyo, Japan?
Is green your favorite color algae?
What do you think of laundry detergent being 2x concentrated now?
Did you tell your bf/gf you love him/her today?
Did I acctually manage to make this survey 256 questions this time?
My third was. Did you take it?
My first two were less questions though. Did you take them?
Maybe you should. Do you like mould?
Do you think mould should rhyme with should?
Do you spell it without the u?
Have you ever experienced a cat or dog "in heat"?
Do you know how high up the "Mile High City" is?
Do you know what color raspberries are?
Have you ever misspelled your own name?
Which professional baseball team would you most like to play for?
Did you wear a long-sleeve shirt today?
Why or why not?
When was the last time you stayed up all night?
On that night, did it rain?
Did you fall down the stairs on that night?
What color is your bicycle?
Do you like them singing basses?
Do you know anything that hasn't gone up in price in the last year?
If you said gas, can you name anything else?
When will you next get a raise at work?
At this pace, will you be making more than $10.35/hour by July of 2012?
I want your job then! Do you drink milk on a daily basis?
Did you know it helps build strong bones?
Did you know Little Ceasars makes pizza?
Where did you last buy pizza from, anyway?
How much did you pay for your current glasses or contacts?
Are Americans too fat?
When is the last time you sprayed a chemical made to kill insects?
Do you live near a farm?
Have you ever driven a tractor?
Can you name 5 daytime television judges?
Can you name 5 daytime soap operas?
When is your anniversary?
Are you in love?
What is the last plant you seen?
When is the last time you didn't see your best friend for an entire time?
Do you wish you were in Florida right now?
How many states seperate you Idaho?
Did you like this survey?