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Author: tiamats4esgares
Created: March 4, 2009
Taken: 204 times
Rated: G

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My Fifth Unique 256-Question Survey

Created by tiamats4esgares and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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Do you know how to properly fold up an American flag?
Have you ever been to a wedding?
If you were to get married now, what would your "something old" be?
What about "something new"?
"Something borrowed"?
"Something blue"?
Do you know how to play any instruments well? Which one(s)?
What were you doing on 9/11?
Have you ever driven on a street with 6 lanes going in the same dirrection?
When was the last time you were on a city bus?
When is the last time you saw grass?
Do you have a garden? Does it have flowers, vegetables, or both?
Where do you want to raise your kids?
Do you like rocking chairs?
Have you ever been to Cracker Barrel?
Do you know where your favorite brand of popcorn is manufactured?
Have you ever heard of "Family Time" brand?
It's manufactured in Valparaiso, IN ^_^
Have you ever been to wear "Family Time" popcorn is manufactured?
Then why did you last visit Indiana?
I see. So what did you do when you first went to California?
And why haven't you ever been to Utah?
Would you care if it snowed in NYC, if you lived in Arizona?
City questions over (for now)! What is the last book you read?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you drink water as much as you should?
Have you ever stared at a stranger and they said something to you about it?
What did they say?
Was it embarassing?
Have you ever worn socks that weren't white or black?
Is that basically a weekly thing for you?
Honsetly, where do you buy your socks?
Do you go there for anything else, or just socks?
Do you like sock puppets?
Do you like unicorn, shark, and dragon puppets?
Do you know who uses those puppets? Isn't he great?
Name the last 4 people you hung out with.
Have you ever been on a plane with any of them?
Which one is the oldest?
You don't have to answer that. ^_^
As soon as you find out you are pregnant, who will you first tell?
Do you know what the word "domain" means?
Have you ever kept something of your bf/gf after a break up?
What was it?
Is there anything a friend has borrowed and never returned?
Do you own any purple clothing?
Do you like hornets?
Aren't they fun to kill with that spray stuff in the can? ^_^
Have you ever burned an ant with a magnifying glass?
Have you ever had an ant farm?
Have you ever had crabs, turtles, or lobsters?
What did you name them, if so?
Aren't finches adorable? ^_^
Is it later than 2:33 AM right now?
If you took off your shoes right now, and threw them, who might you hit?
When did you last tie your shoes?
Have you ever worn red high heels?
By the way, what did you last dress up as for Halloween?
Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
Have you ever been to craigslist.com?
What about eBay?
Do you live in an area called a "tri-state"?
If so, are those other 2 states the nearest states to YOU?
Have you ever bought a refillable pen?
What about mechanical pencil?
Do you know how many square feet or meters your house is?
Do you know approximately how many feet are in a meter?
If you and your mom went outside, how many feet would there be in a yard?
Do you find the English language to be fascinating?
How much do you think a pound of pounds is worth?
What's the best thing you can think of about your brother?
When did you last play baseball or softball?
Do you like volleyball more?
Where was the first place you kissed the last person you kissed?
Where was the last place you kissed the first person you kissed?
When will you next kiss someone you've never kisseed before?
Will it be the best moment of your life, up to that point?
When did you last cry because you were happy?
Have you ever cried from peeling an onion?
Do you know what an onion knight is?
Have you ever sat upon a mare?
Did it care?
Do you have black hair?
Have you ever eaten half a pear?
Is anyone else sitting in your chair?
If not, will you share?
Do you think Obama's stimulus plan is fair?
Other than at a zoo, have you ever seen a bear?
Have you ever used Nair?
Yesterday what did you wear?
What is your favorite molecule in the air?
Do you like your steak rare?
Do you have any change to spare?
Have you ever been in a lair?
Do you wish your bf/gf would slow it down some?
Are you living to the fullest of your potential?
When did you last ride on a moped?
Who with, if anyone?
Did you wear a helment?
Do you always wear your seatbelt in a car?
You should!
Would you ever get into a car with a stranger, other than taxi drivers?
Would you even get in a taxi?
Have you ever been to France?
What about Europe at all?
What is your favorite European city?
Do you think Spainiards' version of Spain is better than Mexcians' version?
Is your uncle's name Bill?
Have you ever seen a wild horse?
Is your math teacher boring?
Have you ever blown a trumpet?
What is your favorite rock song?
What is your favorite country band?
What did you last cook yourself?
Have you ever had frozen pancakes?
Name the company by it's slogan (some are twice, but none thrice):
Save Time. Save Money.
We love to see you smile.
Think outside the bun.
Less is more.
(Company's name) something different.
Have it your way.
We treat you right.
Trust the (company's name) touch!
Do the (company's name).
Just do it.
With a name like (company's name), it has to be great.
Choosy mom's chose (company's name).
Good to the last drop.
Breakfast of champions.
They're grrrrrrrreat!
Where's the beef?
Te quiero (company's name)?
Let your fingers do the walking.
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
M'm, m'm, good.
I wish I were an (company's name) Weiner.
Double your pleasure, double your fun.
I'm lovin' it.
Joy of (company's name).
Be all that you can be.
Dirty mouth? Clean it up with (company's name).
It keeps going and going and going...
Please don't squeeze the (company's name).
We'll leave a light on for you.
Every kiss begins with (company's name).
Trusted everywhere.
You're in good hands with (company's name).
Get connected.
It's the real thing.
Like a good neighbor, (company's name) is there.
And now back to questions ^_^
Did you enjoy the slogans section?
Too bad, that's all I can think of so I won't do it in my next survey. OK?
So other than slogans, Top 8/12/etc, or Lyrics, what else could I do?
I might in my next survey! But only if your answers. Will you?
Thanks! Lol, so moving on. Do you take Algebra?
Are you wearing a bra?
Are your eyes closed?
It must be hard to do this survey then! Is the moon out tonight?
Is it windy?
Are you already in your pajamas?
Do you wish the sun were shining?
When is the last time you saw your shadow?
Do you watch cartoons these days?
Do you watch the Disney chanel?
Have you ever been to Wisconsin, Nebraska, or North Dakota?
Ever been to Topeka, Kansas?
What was it like?
Would you consider yourself well traveled?
How many states have you been to? Countries?
Do you own a suitcase?
What about a car?
Is your house paid for?
What is the last movie you saw?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Are any of them half or step?
Do you have any half cousins?
I will soon! ^_^ Is their mom your Spanish teacher from high school?
Mine will be. Do you get along with your sopmore Spanish teacher?
I do! Do you think your Spanish teacher could beat you at Guitar Hero?
Have you ever even played Guitar Hero with him/her?
How about you tell me what your name is?
How about you finish this survey, ok? You're only on question 181. I think.
Have you ever been to a tanning bed?
What is/was/will be your high school mascot?
Have you ever had a long conversation with a stranger on a plane?
Have you ever kept in touch with a stranger from a plane?
What about doctor or dentist's office?
Have you ever laughed at something that nobody else thought was funny?
Are you honestly in love with your gf/bf?
Can you think of any songs that have your name in it?
What about your state?
Can you think of any movies with your state's name in it?
I can! But I cheated. :P What state do you think I live in?
You can always go to my profile to find out. Did you just do that?
Lol, you're funny. So were you right?
Haha! See! You ARE good at guessing. So, have you seen that movie?
Isn't it great?
Ok, so anyway...when is the last time you honestly saw a horse?
Haha, was the horse blue?
Does your state's flag have orange or purple in it?
Do fish breathe air?
What candle scent is your favorite?
By what name do you like to refer to the game of "Blackjack" as?
Did your high school have a football field?
Some don't! Do you like football?
Who is your favorite quarterback?
When buying something at a store, do you usually pay in cash?
Ever got a quarter back?
I know, stupid question. Do you like white houses or brick better?
Would you rather have a truck full of quarters or dimes?
Or would you rather it just be filled with $100 bills? That'd be nice!
Have you ever watched someone fall to sleep?
How long do you plan on living where you currently live?
Ever visited a country whose customs are much different than yours?
Do you know anybody from South Africa?
Do you go to church at least once a week?
Could you distinguish between Uraguay and Paraguay on a map?
How many countries border yours?
Have you ever thrown a coin into a lake?
Do you enjoy riding roller coasters?
What is your favorite amusement park?
Have you ever been to any other amusement park more than once?
What is your favorite wooden roller coaster?
Have you ever worn a toboggan?
Why are rabbits usually depicted as carrot eaters?
Is it precipitating right now where you live?
Ok, then what time is it?
And do you enjoy taking 256-question surveys?
Has anyone ever told you you're too young for something?
What about for someone?
Have they ever told you you're too old for someone?
How much younger or older would you date someone?
Have you ever dated someone on the outskirts of your limits?
How did that relationship work out?
Could you ever see a future with them?
Do you think the age of consent being 18 is a good idea?
How many times have you changed a diaper in your life?
Do you think Barack Obama will try to legalize gay marriage?
They don't usually mess with that issue on a national level. Is that good?
Do you think marraige is religious? Should it be?
Does your religion support marriage between same-sex people?
Does it support abortion?
Do you think it's wrong for Texas to execute so many people?
Is life in prison worse than death?
Is it uncomfortable for you to talk about issues like this?
Why do you think humans as a race are afraid to confront these issues?
And why are we so divided on where we stand?
Would you die for your country?
Would you die for your loved ones?
How many people would you say you truly love? You don't have to say who.
Who last told you they loved you?
And who did you last tell that you loved?
Are you in a complicated relationship?
Have you ever been in one?
What do you think of long-distance relationships?
What time is it?
Did you like this survey?

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