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Author: tiamats4esgares
Created: March 5, 2009
Taken: 95 times
Rated: G

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My Sixth Unique 256-Question Survey

Created by tiamats4esgares and taken 95 times on Bzoink
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Did you talk to anybody taller than you today?
Have you seen "A Cinderella Story" w/ Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray?
What is your favorite brand chap stick?
Do you like Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi?
Have you tried any of the 4 new flavored Diet Dr. Peppers?
Is your favorite drink Caffeine Free Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper?
Is that one of the 4 new flavors?
Have you ever been to New Brunswick in the summer?
Have you ever been to Florida in the spring?
Have you ever been to Vancouver in the winter?
Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?
Do you do anything?
Do you just stay home and lie around?
If I asked you to do anything would you just tell me "I don't do anything"?
Have you ever been to St. Louis or St. Paul?
Have you ever been to both in the same 11-day period?
If a country girl moved to the city, would she survive?
Have you ever driven down a red dirt road?
Do you think horses could run faster on the road or through fields?
Why do you feel this way?
Is it past 6 AM?
Is it past 6 PM?
Are you wearing shoes?
Describe the worst time you've ever been shocked.
Have you ever been shocked when a cashier was handing you change?
Have you ever had spicy sweet chilli doritos?
What's the longest song title you can think of?
And the shortest?
Have you ever went to sleep after the sun came up?
Were you scared of Y2K?
Are you scared of Y2K12?
LOL, can you type 2012 in roman numerals?
Which button on your cell phone did you last press?
Who did you last call?
How long was the conversation?
Can you convert centimeters to feet?
Do you enjoy stepping on ants?
What state is nearest to you?
What city larger than yours is nearest to you?
What country is nearest to you?
What town smaller than yours is nearest to you?
Does the color purple remind of you of anything or anyone?
Did you talk to your bf/gf last night?
What makes you knock on wood?
Can you honestly tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?
Do you wish Pepsi never existed?
Do you think love is the most beautiful thing in the world?
What do you want thrown at your wedding?
Do you plan on getting married in the near future?
Have you ever been to:
Timbuktu, Mali
Alberquerque, NM
Avondale, AZ
Evansville, IN
Evansville, IL
St. Petersburg, FL
Richmond, VA
Vancouver, BC
Chihuahua, Chihuahua
Memphis, Tennessee
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
Springfield, PA
Indiana, PA
Eerie, PA
Eerie, IN
Lake Erie
The Pacific Ocean
The Indian Ocean
South Africa
Peoria, AZ
Peoria, IL
Flagstaff, AZ
Huntington Beach, CA
West Hollywood, CA
New York, New York
Toronto, ON
Henderson, NV
Henderson, KY
Dubai, UAE
Cincinatti, OH
Newport, KY
Newport Beach, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Washington, D.C.
Puerto Rico
The largest city in your state/province/etc
The largest city in your country
The largest city on your continent
The largest city in the world (Tokyo)
The largest city in your county/parish/etc
The largest city in every state/province/territory/etc boarding yours
The largest city in every country boarding yours
The largest city on every continent
Dawson City, YK
Dawson Creek, BC
Back to non-places questions ^_^
Do you eat quiche?
Do you eat Butterfingers weekly?
Do you read the newspaper more often than once every 2 weeks?
With what color toothbrush did you last brush your teeth?
Do you bathe your dog?
Does it have a collar?
How long were you last sleeping?
Have you ever played "Dungeon Explorer: Warrios of Ancient Arts"?
What brand PS2 controller do you think is best?
Do you like Keith Urban?
Have you ever been to urbandictionary.com?
Do you have a porch swing?
Is that a good thing?
When did you last feed goldfish (whether they were yours or not)?
What is the last sweet thing you ate?
What is the last dream you remember having?
Do you know anybody whose language you speak better than they do English?
Do you find it hard to shorten qusetions and them still make sense?
Do you like George Lopez (the show)?
Do you like George Lopez (the person)?
Where do you hail from, chief?
What's your favorite pokemon?
What's your favorite pokemon game?
Is anything good on TV right now?
Have you ever worn a blue hat?
What about a sweater and a sweat shirt at the same time?
What's your area code?
How many area codes would you recognize?
I recognize four: 812, 270, 623, and 602 ^_^
Guess the 3 states that those 4 area codes are from without looking it up.
Were you right?
You don't know. Haha. Do you like pansies?
What about dahlias?
Do you know anyone with more than two lips?
Do you know anyone with more than tulips in their garden?
How would you pronounce "Jotun"?
Do you know where sponges grow?
Have you ever read "Where the Red Fern Grows"?
Who is the author?
Could you recommend a good book to me?
Thanks! ^_^ Have you read "Cell"?
You should. Do you like suspensful books?
What about scary ones?
Can you name every hamster you've ever had?
What's the last building you were in more than 4 floors?
How far away is it from your house?
Did you drive there?
Have you ever driven to Utah?
Have you ever been to OK, TX, NM, and AZ in one day?
Why do I ask? I plan to take a road trip in 2011...
Do you like road trips?
Isn't it awkward when someone mentions they just lost a loved one?
How do you react?
Have you ever been to a funeral and everyone else seemed more sad than you?
Speaking of road trips, could you do a 25-hour car ride in 2 days?
I plan to in about 36 hours, including sleeping.
Would it take YOU 2 1/2 years to save up money for a road trip?
Would you go alone?
I plan on it. Do you think that's safe?
Maybe I've just seen to many scary movies about out west. Have you?
Do you even like scary movies?
Do you have a bus pass?
Do you take a bus daily?
Do you know anyone named Roger?
Is he older or younger than you?
What's the age difference in the youngest and oldest people you've dated?
If I told you that answer was 8 years for me, would you believe it?
Do you answer your own surveys?
Haha, I don't need to because I answer them as I go. Is that odd?
I think so too. Oh wait. :P I'll stop. Do you like go-gurt?
Have you ever eaten something, and the food stayed on your hands forever?
Is that worse or better than it staying on your breath?
What did you last drink that was brown?
When did you last deficate?
When did you last suffocate?
When did you last relocate?
When did you last perspirate?
Who did you last irritate?
Who (or what) did you last imitate?
What (if anything) did you last irrigate?
Do you think it's annoying or cool when I rhyme questions like that?
Do you watch pro wrestling?
Why or why not?
What are your plans for the next March 11?
How many days do you think it snowed where you live in the last 365 days?
Is your birthday less than 8 months from now?
Will you wake me up when September ends?
I have been to 28 US states. Am I beating you?
In 2011, I warn you, I'm going to 4 or 5 more (I might hit AR). Is that ok?
You better get busy to catch up to me. ^_^ Do you even care?
If you catch up with me by September 2011, let me know so I can hit AR, ok?
Hehe, ok...so, September 11, 2011, marks the 10-year annivesary. Sad?
What do you think the country as a whole should do on that day?
Do you think that should be a national holiday?
Would closing businesses on that day just show the terrorists they won?
So, "hitting" AR is 62 miles out of my way. Is it worth it?
Utah was about 4 hours and it's the 2nd-closest state. Not worth it, right?
I thought so. How far out of the way would you go to get a new state?
Do you agree with the song "Everybody wants to go to Memphis, Tennessee"?
Do you like yarn?
Do you enjoy my geography questions?
Someone who takes my surveys a lot (Heather) does, so I keep 'em. ^_^
Would you like to suggest something else for me to brush on?
What is the last thing you used a brush on?
Who was your best friend from your high school while you were there?
Do you have any pants you'd be embarassed for your friends to know about?
When did you last stand up?
Did I just make you realize how long you've been doing this survey?
Have you ever shopped for 2 hours at Dollar General?
Do you think that's crazy that I witnessed someone do that today?
Have you ever dated a teenager?
Were you popular in high school?
Does your city have a Poplar Street?
Do you know what a poplar is?
Do you like lemons?
What color are your eyes?
Do you know anyone who is mentaly insane?
Got any plans for July 24, 2009?
What about July 24, 2012?
Do you wish minimum wage went up another $2.40 in that 3-year time frame?
Or do you think minimum wage doesn't need to be $9.65?
Do you think the raise in minimum wage is partly why our economy is ruined?
Don't tell anyone my opsession with 7/24/2012, ok?
Ok, I trust you! ^_^ How many people DO you trust, anyway?
Did you watch your favorite television show today?
Did you listen to your favorite song today?
Did you play your favorite video game today?
I did 2 of the above, are you proud of me?
But I don't know how many pairs of shoes I own! Do you?
I have about 4. Do you have them organized?
So when did you last go to the zoo?
Have you ever filmed a movie?
In the zoo?
I have! ^_^
Who is your favorite teacher from high school?
What's under your bed?
Do you think money should be green?
Do you have children?
How much did you pay for your last meal?
What's the longest period of time you've had a goldfish?
Would you rather go bowling in the spring or summer?
Do you like lazar tag?
What about miniature golf?
Have you ever been to a casino in Canada?
Have you ever been to Bear Lake in Saskatchewan?
I went there on July 2, 2001!
Do you have any t-shirts you've owned for 7 1/2 years that still fit you?
Do you know how it feels to be heartbroken?
Is your house currently on fire?
Do you like ramen noodles?
How far away is the nearest fire station?
Is your dog a real barker?
Could you see yourself with short hair?
Can bad hair alone make someone unattractive?
Have you ever eaten bad spinach?
Have you ever had banana nut cheerios?
How do you know how to spell Mississippi?
Did you like this survey?
Will you take my 7th one?