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Author: tickticktmr
Created: March 7, 2009
Taken: 495 times
Rated: G

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Interesting category questions!

Created by tickticktmr and taken 495 times on Bzoink
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What color...
Are your second best friend's eyes?
Is your math binder?
Is your English teacher's hair?
Is your bathrobe?
Was the shirt of the last person you spoke to?
Was the shirt of the last person you kissed?
Is the kind of jam in the fridge?
Is your MSN font?
Is your bathtub?
Are the socks you're wearing?
Is your home phone?
Is your cellphone?
Is the last pair of earrings you wore?
Is the hallway walls?
Is your alarm clock?
Is your favorite book?
Is your dream houuse?
Is your dream boyfriend/girlfriend's car?
Is your computor chair?
Is your tightest shirt?
Is your tighest pair of pants?
Is/was your school mascot?
Nails does the last girl you laughed with have?
Are your pets?
Is your bzoink profile?
Is/was your locker?
Is your most itchy and uncomfortable sweater?
Is the frame your favprite picture is in?
Is your favorite CD case?
Do you...
Enjoy your job?
Find shyness attractive?
Have someone to call your own?
Drink at least one glass of Pepsi every day?
Swoon over accents?
Use violence to get your own way?
Smoke cigarettes?
Keep track of all the things you need to do?
Spend too much money on makeup?
Spend too much money on books?
Get everything you want?
Prefer guys with hair or bald?
Say 'obvi'?
Read books about vampires?
Know anyone who is trying to have a baby?
Treat customers at your work nice?
Have dark eyes?
Have bright eyes?
Have a display picture of only yourself on facebook?
Aspire to look/be like Paris Hilton?
Listen to music or watch TV more?
Have a display picture on bzoink?
Sleep during class?
Have the guts to shave your head for cancer?
Have more then four piercings?
Have a lot of money on you right now?
Know anyone who is anorexic?
Talk on the phone or MSN more?
Go online shopping?
What's the best...
Kind of cookie?
Location to have a romantic kiss?
Location to have a romantic date?
Veggie in salad?
Sickness to pretend to have when faking sick?
Way to sit on a couch?
Outfit to wear on a date?
Junk food to have at a sleepover?
Way to get your mind of someone?
Salad dressing?
Kind of shoes to wear to the beach?
Way to get over somebody?
Fruit in fruit salad?
Way to propose to someone?
Music to listen to if you're sad?
Thing to do when you're staying up all night?
Way to cheer someone up?
Book to read on a rainy day?
Time to go to bed?
Time to wake up at?
Party makeup?
Way to get someone to like you?
Thing to sleep on? (Other then a bed)
Way to do your hair when having a bad hair day?
Video game to play all night when you can't sleep?
Girly movie?
Joke to tell?
Movie to watch when you're in the mood for something scary?
Way to show someone you love them?