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Author: sarahh213
Created: March 7, 2009
Taken: 1,096 times
Rated: G

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Top 4 MySpace friends.

Created by sarahh213 and taken 1096 times on Bzoink
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Who's your number one?
Are you dating them?
Are they your bestfriend?
Are they cute?
Are they hot?
Do you love them?
Have any inside jokes?
How long have you known them?
How did you meet?
What was your biggest argument about?
Are you related?
Are they the same sex as you?
Have you ever made out with them?
Stupidest thing they've ever done:
Stupidest thing they've ever said:
Ever done something illegal with them?
Do you go to the same school/work?
Would you trust them With Your life?
Are they older or younger than you?
Ever taken a picture with them?
Spent a full 24 hours with them?
Would you kiss them?
Ever worn some of their clothes?
Who's your number 2?
Why are they second and not first?
Do they get along with your number one?
Would they make a cute couple with number 3?
Ever made out with them?
Have they ever called you 'baby'?
Ever imagined them naked?
Do you fight often?
Do they have your number?
How many times a week do you see them?
Are they shy?
Do they have manners?
Smaller or taller than you?
Are you jealous of them?
Do you get along with their family?
Would you date them?
Have you dated them?
Told them something you'd never tell anyone else?
Do you trust them with your life?
Is number 2 your best friend?
Describe them in a few words:
What do you have in common with your number 2?
Have they ever been asked out by someone you like?
Have you ever been asked out by someone they like?
Share an ex?
Whats their name?
Are they Fun to be around?
Have they ever called you baby/babe?
Do you have their number?
Do they like you?
Do you like them as more than a friend?
If so, do they know?
If not, do they know who you like?
Out of ten, how attractive do you think they are:
Are you in their top friends?
who do they like?
Do they trust you?
Have you ever dated them/liked them?
Favourite memory:
Ever made out with them?
Been to the movies with them?
Do you have them on msn?
If so, are you talking to them?
Do you love them?
Do you know anyone that hates them?
Who is your number 4?
Are they straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual?
Would you date them?
Have you ever liked them?
Ever had a fight?
When's the last time you saw them?
Would they make a cute couple with number 1?
Are they currently single or taken?
Are they related to you?
What do you hate most about them:
Are they funny?
Do you have alot in common?
What's their favourite colour:
How old are they?
How many times have you spoken to them on the phone?
Are they a loud person or a quiet person?
Would you kissthem?
DO you want to kiss them?
All together.
Who would make the cutest couple?
How many of them are single?
How many of them have you kissed?
Have you dated any of them?
Who's the most attractive?
Who's the funnest to be around?
Who do you hang with the most - outside of school/work?
Do you have all their numbers?
Do you have a crush on any of them?
Do any of them have a crush on you?
Are you related to any of them?
Ever done something illegal with any of them?
Ever hung out with all 4 at once?
Which one did you speak to last?