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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: March 10, 2009
Taken: 361 times
Rated: PG

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-Hitting All The Right Notes At All The Wrong Times-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 361 times on Bzoink
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have you ever had a conversation with a cab driver?
do you have any shirts from vacation / tourist locations?
what is one place you would like to go back and revisit?
which would you prefer: a homemade gift, or a store-bought one?
have you ever hugged a complete stranger?
when was the last time you were " under the influence? "
how regular of an occurrence is this?
what random acts of kindness have you engaged in lately?
do you know anyone who has never read the HP books? who?
have you ever had a relationship last for a year or longer?
what ended it, or are you still involved?
what kind of scented lotion is your favorite?
where's the weirdest place you've stuck your used gum?
what's the best time you've had at a high school sports game?
if you're out late, where are you likely to be?
do you ever visit your mall's arcade ( if it has one )?
when was the last time you had hot chocolate?
have you ever attempted to get out of a ticket? how?
shirts with sarcastic sayings: yay, or boo?
---if " yay ", do you have a favorite?
if you lost the use of your limbs, would you still want to live?
what's your absolute favorite topic to discuss?
what is your least favorite topic to discuss?
when was the last time you played hide-and-go-seek?
---where was your favorite place to hide?
what is your opinion on psychics? real, or fake?
have you ever watched " are you smarter than a fifth grader? "
how would you rank your " class participation " in school?
have you ever cut your own hair? how about anyone else's?
what is your favorite holiday treat?
how many people have you emotionally hurt?
how many people have you physically hurt?
---were these times intentional, or were they accidents / mistakes?
what is the last thing you asked your parents to purchase for you?
do you have any buttons or pins on your backpack?
---if yes, what do they say?
what is your favorite kind of lunch meat?
do you know anyone who is truly obsessive compulsive?
have you ever been confined to a wheelchair?
how many " top friends " do you have on myspace?
do you like oatmeal?
how many people are on your bzoink friends list?
do you enjoy mainstream music, or prefer underground bands?
how many bands are you " friends " with on myspace?
are you friends with more bands than individual people?
do you have a library card? do you use it?
do you cuddle with your pet ( if you have one )?
do you have any candy left over from halloween?
have you heard of paula godspeed?
have you ever made a bzoink friend test?
who has the best score on it?
do you think that you work better under pressure?
---or, do you ONLY work under pressure?
what college did you want to attend as a kid?
was that still your choice when you grew up?
what sports star or athlete did you aspire to be like as a kid?
what has happened to all your old toys?
when was the last time you shopped at a garage sale?
have you ever thrown popcorn at anyone?