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Author: losserpeanuts
Created: March 10, 2009
Taken: 204 times
Rated: PG

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Do you really know you're best friend?

Created by losserpeanuts and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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About him/her
what is his/her full name?
how old are they?
when is their b-day? including year
any siblings?
if so what are their names?
does he/she have a bf/gf?
if so what is their name?
A lil personal
when did you meet this person?
how old were you when you guys met?
does this person consider you his/her best friend to?
do you love this person?
ever kissed him/her?
ever stayed at his/her house?
ever dated this person?
ever slept in the same bed as this person?
ever seen this person in his/her underwear?
do you wish you could date this person?
does this person go to your school?
Weird nd Random
can he/she touch their tongue to their elbow?
can he/she touch their toes?
can they say the alphabet backwards?
to they like carrots?
can they speak in foreign language?
do they have braces?
have their tonsils been removed?
do they have any medical conditions?
do they play any sports?
if so what sports do they play?
type of music?
subject in school?
type of car?
do you think he/she will repost this?
do you think they will like what they said bout you?
will they be mad that you talked bout them in ur survey?
any last words to say?