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Author: ajonasbrotherslover
Created: March 14, 2009
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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Random Questions! :)

Created by ajonasbrotherslover and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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What brand is the computer/laptop you're using right now?
What's the most played song on your iPod/iTunes?
Any Hereditary Sickness? (Hope Not!)
So You Think You Can Dance? =))
Brand of Shirt You're wearing?
What time is it, Btw?
Have a bedtime?
What time do you wake up on Saturdays?
Ever kissed someone on the forehead?
Where's your mom?
Ohh. What about your dad?
Are both of your grandfathers still alive?
Last time you've been StarStruck?
Any Highlights?
Do you like Sushi?
Last boy you talked to?
Hatest thing about your house?
Is the Aircon on?
Describe your family in one word.
Pencils or Pens?
Last REAL book you read?
Fave place for pizza?
Fave Jelly Bean Flavor?
Had Breakfast today? (I didn't)
It's the most important! Agree?
Can you play any instrument?
Take a tutor for school?
Ever join Summer Acting/Theatre Workshops?
Liquid eraser or Correction Tape?
Fave Number? Whyy?
QUICK! Name a kind of Dog!
Most Frequently used Curse?
Tsk Tsk! But what compliment do you use most often?
Do you believe in Miracles?
Ever Win A Raffle? Watcha Win if Yes?
Do you think you inherited more traits from your Mother or Father's side?
What country are you looking forward to visit?
Last Pixar Movie you watched?
What age do you want to retire?
Did You Shower Today? :O
Is anyone you know Sick?
Favorite Kind of Cake?
Guess if I'm a girl or a guy. Wahaha.
How Many surveys do you think you answered in your whole life?