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Author: rocker112233s
Created: March 16, 2009
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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The Over-Original Anti-TheUsual Survey

Created by rocker112233s and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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Detailed Description
What position are you in right now? (Sitting up, slouched, laying down)
Are you in a warm room, a cool room, or a cold room?
What color are the walls of the room?
What color is your hair?
What about your eyes?
Are you in pajamas?
If so, describe them. If not, what are you wearing?
Are you taller than more than half the people you know?
What are you doing besides this survey?
What is on your feet? (Include nail polish if barefoot)
Take a minute. Thing about your day. What first comes to mind?
Whats your mood?
Is there a window? Whats the view?
What time is it?
Your Friends
Name 1 religious friend.
Name 2 african american friends.
Name 3 blonde friends.
Name 4 brunette friends.
Name 5 older friends.
Name 6 guy friends.
Name 7 girl friends.
Name 8 famous people you wish were your friends.
Name 9 school friends.
Name 10 ANY friends!
Okay, have a great day!
Where are you?
Who are you?
What time is it?