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Author: robotyque
Created: March 19, 2009
Taken: 170 times
Rated: PG

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On A Scale of 1-10

Created by robotyque and taken 170 times on Bzoink
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For the following questions, you must answer a number in a scale from 1-10
You may add a comment/description following it. Here we go.
How exciting was your day?
How happy do you feel right now?
How clean do you feel?
How full in the stomach?
How thirsty?
How bored?
How tired/sleepy?
How satisfied with life atm are you?
How satisfied are you with your relationship status?
How satisfied are you with your friends?
Now what about family?
How entertained are you atm?
How bright is the room you're in?
How loud is your music/sound you hear?
How confident are you about your looks right now?
How clean is your room?
How much do you love dolls/stuffed animals?
How satisfied are you with your room?
How much do you love dogs/cats (pick one)?
How well do you do in school?
How well can you read out loud?
How good are your eyes?
(remember, it's still on a scale of 1-10)
If your significant other cheated on you, how mad would you be?
What if it was with your best friend?
You found a toonie on a ground, how happy would you be?
You lied to a friend about something semi-big, how guilty would you feel?
You accidently took something from a store, how guilty would you feel?
You were given some illegal substance, what would you feel/how much of it?
You spent $300 for yourself, how satisfied would you feel?
What about for others?
How angry would you feel if your parents forgot your birthday?
Lastly. On a scale of 1-10,
How entertaining was this survey?
Thanks! =)