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Author: xrawrxdinox
Created: March 19, 2009
Taken: 817 times
Rated: PG

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Your Number One <3

Created by xrawrxdinox and taken 817 times on Bzoink
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Who is your number one?
Are you dating them?
What is their first name?
What is their middle name?
Do they like their name?
When's their birthday?
Are you related to them?
Do you have a kid together?
Are you best friends?
What is your greatest memory with them?
Ever done something illegal with them?
Ever kissed them?
Want to kiss them?
Ever hugged them?
Ever done anything else?
Ever been on a date with them?
Ever wore their clothes?
When's the last time you talked to them in person?
When's the last time you talked to them on the phone?
Do you text them?
Do you IM them?
How much do you talk to them?
Do they like talking to you?
Do they even know you exist?
What do your other friends think about them?
What does your family think about them?
Do you fight with them a lot?
Do you like to do things together?
Do they like animals?
Whats their favorite food?
Do you know them in person?
Do they live close to you?
Do they play any instruments?
How old are they?
Older or younger than you?
Do you go to school with them?
Do they have any bad habits?
What's the last thing you shared with them?
Have you ever slept with them? *non sexually*
Have you ever wanted to be with them?
Ever cried over them?
Ever cried in front of them?
Do you know something about them that no one else does?
Do they know something about you that no one else does?
Do you both hate one of the same people?
When will you see them again?
Do you miss them?
Do you think they miss you too?
Have you ever told them you love them?
Have they ever told you they love you?
Why are they your number one?
Do you know their parents or family?
Do they have any pets?
Do you think they'll repost this?