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Author: xkelster462x
Created: March 27, 2009
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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Girl you shine like a star in the sky.

Created by xkelster462x and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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Who let the dogs out?
What do you shine at?
Do you have anyone over in Iraq?
How long have they've been there?
Favorite kind of dance?
Favorite wild animal?
Do you like huskies?
What do you smell like?
Do you take your dog for walks?
Would you come to my graduation if I invited you?
What webpage is yours? (yahoo,msn ect.)
Did you draw all over your books when you were a kid?
Did you write on walls too?
Favorite thing to ask someone?
Is your heart made of gold?
Is your heart made of candy?
Do you have msn?
Do you have yahoo?
Did you ever have a crush on Aaron Carter?
How old were you when you first walked?
What was the first word you ever said?
Have any plans for the summer?
Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?
Have you ever went paintballing?
Are you done school this year?
Do you know anyone that has a birthday in July?
Do you set off your own fireworks or watch other people do it?
Do the loud bangs scare your animals?
Do you BBQ in the summer?
Last place you were?
Who's going chicken huntin?
Can you see the moon?
Is it full?
Do you have a calender in the room your in?
Does your room have a calender in it?
Do you have pictures in your house?
What color is your rug?
Do you even have rugs or is it all wood?
Do you do the wave?
Can you snap your fingers?
Do you have a maid?
Do you have your very own chef?
How many cars do you have?