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Author: tickticktmr
Created: April 3, 2009
Taken: 1,192 times
Rated: PG

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You'll miss me when I'm gone (INTERESTING questions)

Created by tickticktmr and taken 1192 times on Bzoink
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What do you usually drink at meals?
Does your washer make a lot of noise?
How many hair straightners/curlers/dryers are in your house?
Which side of your face do you like better?
Do you think that was a weird question?
Did you pull any pranks on April Fool's day, or vice versa?
Do you wave when you see people from your classes outside of school?
Would you prefer a black or white cellphone, or a bright colored one?
When you believe in the Easter Bunny, what did you picture him/her like?
Does your mom, dad or silbings play any instruments?
Are you allowed to eat meals in the living room?
How many people could fit comfortably to sleep in the room you're in?
Around how much do you spend on Christmas presents?
Your last ex: how did you two get together?
Do you always have an ice cube in your drink?
Does the last person you spoke to have any siblings?
What's the best food for sleepovers?
If you skip class, what one do you skip most?
Do you have any pictures of yourself on your bedroom walls?
Does your mom dye her hair?
If yes, does she deny that she does?
What do you do for fun when the power goes out?
Are 'personal response' essays painful to write for you?
Do you say 'skip', 'pip off', or something else?
If you had to,would you rather marry your enlgish or math teacher?
About how many books are in the room you're in?
What number do you ignore when it comes up on the display?
What is the best restaurant in the mall? What do you typically order there?
Do you find history interesting?
Think of a friend whose name starts with any letter between A and M.
How would you react if this friend kissed you?
If you were to a throw a part, would you invite them?
Do you text this person?
Have you ever had a sleepover with them?
Does your best friend ever wear fake nails?
What's the last thing you searched on google?
Have you read all the books on your bookshelf?
Would you ever go on a date with the last person you spoke to through IM?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Would you be okay living on your own?
How far can you run without breaking a sweat?
After swimming,do you just strip or go into a change room?
Would you rather date an older man/woman, or a younger one?
Have you ever seen the last person you hugged naked?
What about in their underwear?
Where did you get your favorite shirt?
How much was it?
Do you/your parents have any creepy pictures or painting up on the wall?
What's the best kind of video game? (Adventure, shooting, etc)
How young is too young to date?
How old is too old to date?
Does your mom swear?
What was your biggest fear as a child?
Your biggest dream?
Do you know anyone who has road rage?
How would you react if your mom got a lip piercing?
What animal is really common to see in the woods where you live?
Would you like to follow in one of your parents' footsteps?
Where did you get your favorite pair of pajamas?
Do you know anyone named Desmond? Do you like that name?
What/who do you take the most pictures of?
What's your screensaver?
Do you prefer your hair in a bun or ponytail?
Have you ever kissed someone who had reallllllllllllly dry lips?
What is the last thing you celebrated?
What were you last Halloween?
Have you ever suspected that your last ex was cheating? Why?
Has anyone ever told you they wanted to be with you forever?
And are you still with them?
Was this survey interesting?