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Author: ssl94
Created: April 9, 2009
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Created by ssl94 and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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Who were the last people you hung out with?
Who's your best friend?
Where did you meet them?
Do you trust all your friends?
Which one of your friends do you trust the most?
Have you met everyone on your top friends?
Is your best friends on your top friends list?
Is anyone on your top friends family?
How many people do you have on your top friends?
Is anyone on your top friends gay?
What class do you have first hour?
Do you like your teacher?
Is your homeroom class fun?
What grade are you in?
Do you like the people in your grade?
What's the worst thing about your school?
What color is your phone?
Do you like it?
Who's the 16 person in your contacts?
What phone company do you have?
Who's number 10 on your speed dial?
When's your birthday?
How old are you?
How old will you been 12 months from now?