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About This Survey

Author: savyna15
Created: April 12, 2009
Taken: 413 times
Rated: G

Can you answer 50 questions about your number one?

Created by savyna15 and taken 413 times on Bzoink
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Who is this person?
What is your relationship with this person?
Have you And your #1 ever fought?
Whens the last time you talked to them?
Who/What does this person remind you of?
Do they go to your school?
Is your number one younger than you?
Do you have a crush on him/her?
Do you know this persons family?
Whats your favorite memory with this person?
Do you wish you could be with them right now?
Have you talked to them today?
Did you fight with them today?
Are you mean to him/her?
Have you ever seen them and completly ignored them on purpose?
Whens there birthday? -June 5th
Are they random?
Do you know your number ones best friend?
Have you ever stayed up all night to talk to this person?
Do you fight with them a lot?
How long have you known this person
How did you meet him/her?
What kind of music are they into?
What is one thing you love about them?
Do they believe in god?
What is there favorite color?
Have they ever failed a grade?
What time do they go to bed?
Are you glad you know this person?
Whats this persons favortie song?
Does he/she pick on you?
Have you ever beat him/her up?
If so, Why?
Whats one thing you HATE about them?
Have you ever thought about killing this person?
Do you know there name?
Do you have any classes with them?
Do you see them alot at school?
Do you have lunch with them?
Would you take a bullet for them?
Are they gay?
Have they ever got in trouble?
Have you ever got them in trouble
Are they slow?
Does your number one sit around and play video games all day?
Have you ever hugged this person?
Do you hope to know this person for a long time?