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About This Survey

Author: heatherxhugs
Created: April 13, 2009
Taken: 202 times
Rated: PG

Women will be women.

Created by heatherxhugs and taken 202 times on Bzoink
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What's your name?
How are you feeling?
What have you done today?
What do you plan on doing?
Are you distracted right now?
Who do you like?
Does he know?
How long have you known him?
How serious are you about him?
Could you envision yourself with him forever?
Do you want his love child?
What does he look like?
What's his personality like?
Is he intelligent?
What do you have in common?
Do you love him?
What's your favorite eye color?
Do you like light hair or dark hair?
Tall or short?
Skinny or large?
Do you like musicians?
Do you like artists?
Do you like sweet-talkers?
Do you like going to dinner and a movie?
If not, where should he take you?
What should he get you for your birthday?
How about Valentine's Day?
Should he buy you things just because?
Should he have an expensive car?
When you go places, should he drive, or should you?
What type of music should you listen to together?
Should he pay for dinner, or should you?
What's the age limit?
How long should you wait before you kiss?
Before you have sex?
Is it cute when he writes you notes?
What about songs?
Would you rather text or call?
Group or single dates?
Comedy or horror movies?
Your house or his?
Crane machine animal or carnival game prize?
Stay in or go out?
Should he be loud or quiet?
Funny or serious?
Shy or outgoing?
Hot or cute?
Health freak or pig?
Nice or good-looking?
Long haired or short haired?
Would you rather watch the sun rise or set?
Hug or kiss?
Hold hands or cuddle?
Get married or just live together?
Have kids or no kids?
Do you like winter or summer?
Fall or spring?
Day or night?
Black or white?
Last question: Do you know more about yourself now?