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Author: samiilammii
Created: April 14, 2009
Taken: 204 times
Rated: G

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-your heart was locked I had the key now this diease won't let us be- [Honesty survey]

Created by samiilammii and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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honestly; are you OCD?
Honestly; how old are you?
Honestly; how much older/younger would you allow a gf/bf to be?
honestly; do you like your hair?
honestly; what song are you listening to/did you last listen to?
honestly; which of your friends' hair do you like best?
honestly; did you see the hannah montanna movie?
honestly; whose hands other than your own last touched your face?
honestly;who was the last person you gave a nickname to and why?what is it?
honestly; who do you have a crush on?
honestly; do they know?
honestly; do they feel the same?
honestly; did you get an easter basket this year?
honestly; what song/lyric is stuck in your head?
honestly; how do you sit in a spinny computer chair?
honestly; do you think you're pretty/handsome/attractive?
honestly; what are you doing this saturday?
honestly; would you rather do something else?
honestly; what's your favorite hard candy?
honestly; what does your favorite candy heart say?
HONESTLY; looks or personality?
honestly; who did you talk to on the phone last?
honestly; when did you blush last?
honestly; do you know anyone named sam? male/female?
honestly; did you leave your stuff at school over spring break?
honestly; do you care about history?
honestly; does your toe itch?
honestly; when was the last time you giggled/laughed?
honestly; should you be asleep?
honestly; when was the last time you smiled?