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Author: allthingsbzoinkish
Created: April 16, 2009
Taken: 14 times
Rated: PG

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We were born for this, we put up fences, and let the flames begin<33

Created by allthingsbzoinkish and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Life is a mystery, stalk someone...
Do you like basic questions?
What zip code is your hometown?
How many syllables are in your name?
in two decades you'll be...
do you ever hear barking?
What about meowing?
Your favorite movie is "don't tell mom the babysitters dead"?
or are you more of a "problem child" kind of person?
Do you have a "secret Valentine"?
Do you think someone is "thinking of you"?
Do you have a "hero/heroine"?
Will you be "seventeen forever"?
Is is time to blow out the "candle"?
Do you ever "say" what you need to say instead or want?
Were you "born for this"?
Telletubbievision o_O
What's your opinion on Ashlee "simpson"
Is your pops an all"american dad"?
Do you need "parental control"?
Are you having a "super sweet sixteen"?
Are you from the "Futurama"?
When it comes to dating are you a "full house"?
Do you live on "sesame street"?
Is your dad's name "barney"?
Can you "step up" your game?
Are you in a "drumline"?
"picture this" you're stranded with...
Do you have "eagle eye"s ?
Is your cell a "transformer"?
Your closet has "27 dresses"?
At the jail you made the "confessions of a shopaholic"
Is it "twilight" outside?
Do you believe in "love&basketball"?
Are bananas your thing?
Have you ever broke a bone on a rope swing?
Do you have a friend named Emma?
Do you eat McDonald's?
Does your name start with L?
Was this fun?