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Author: -andreaaaaaa
Created: April 24, 2009
Taken: 45 times
Rated: G

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bored? maybe you should take this survey.

Created by -andreaaaaaa and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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so, are you taking this coz your bored?
besides this, what are you doing?
what were you doing this time yesterday?
is your hair dyed?
do you like it like that?
so, have you got your ears pierced?
if yes, have you or would you get them stretched ?
if yes, how big?
so whats your favorite movie?
do you like birds?
when did you go to the toilet last ?
when you look to your left, name one thing you can see
do you think its ever alright to lie?
what colour speakers do you have?
what colour earphones do you have ?
whats black and white and red allover?
so how has your day been ?
whats the funnyest thing you've seen engraved in a footpath?
do you catch trains often?
what about bus's?
seen the movie dirty dancing?
what about the pacifier
when was the last time you fell over?
so what are you plans for the weekend?
are you a simple person?
are you the type of person that stresses over pimples?
ever canceled something because of a pimple
do you have a dog? if yes, what's its name?
any one gonna sleep over tonight ?