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Author: shestoohonest
Created: April 26, 2009
Taken: 476 times
Rated: PG

You can rot, for all I care.

Created by shestoohonest and taken 476 times on Bzoink
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In the words of some great philospher, Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Which is tackier: chipped balck nail polish, or over-bitten nails?
Is your sense of humor crude (toilet, crotch) or highbrow (sarcasm, irony)?
When was the last time you built a sandcastle?
If you HAD to change one physical trait, what would it be?
If you HAD to change one personality trait, what would it be?
What is the best part of your life?
Do you care about Gun Rights laws?
Do you like the game Monopoly? I never liked it as a kid...
What do you think of skater kids?
Do you, yourself, know how to skateboard?
You must live in a different country for one year. Where do you move?
Do you believe that virginity is sacred?
What color are your eyes?
What is your living situation? (Who do you live with)
Would you ever consider getting a facial piercing?
Ever pretended to have tourettes so you could scream obscenities in public?
What was the last vegetable you ate?
What time did you get up his morning?
Who is your favorite teacher, and why?
Describe your favorite article of jewelery:
Are you wearing it right now?
Have you ever touched a starfish? If so, was it the smooth or rough kind?
What kind of smiley face do you type most often?
Do you add extra letters on the ends of your wordsss, likeee thisss?
What kind of MP3 player do you own, if any?
Choose one: red, blue, or black pens?
Do you prefer pens to pencils? Why?
How many pictures do you have on your MySpace/Facebook? (Estimate)
Do you have a favorite letter of the alphabet?
Are your toe nails longer or very short?
Do you listen to grunge music?
Do you listen to 80's metal?
What about 90's pop?
What do you think of today's music? (Popular, top 40, etc.)
First and middle name of your future son and/or daughter:
Do you know how to use a fax machine?
How often to you order pizza?
Do you have a favorite pizza chain?
Explain one of your scars:
Are you happy with your hair?
Have you ever worn leather gloves? Were they fingerless?
Do you think sea or sea lions are cute?
Have ou ever touched a chinchilla?
Have you ever been drunk?
Do you think underage drinking is irrisponsible and stupid?
As for yourself, would you say that you're a party animal?
Do you know the difference between 'their', 'they're', and 'there'?
Do you plan on graduating anytime soon?
What is your favorite online game?
Who do you idolize? (famous person, preferably)
Do you like acoustic or electric guitar better?
When was the last time you laid out, under the stars?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Current favorite song?