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Author: -smile-
Created: April 27, 2009
Taken: 142 times
Rated: G

Feels like we're on another level...[Opinions]

Created by -smile- and taken 142 times on Bzoink
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Your opinions and beliefs
...Okie, Let's start...
What's youre opinion on school, in general?
What about bullying?
Homeless People: Spare some change or Ignore them?
What are your thoughts about Harry Potter, the books?
The movies?
The actors?
What about the Twilight Series?
The movie?
The actors?
Should Midnight Sun come out?
Stephanie Meyer or J.K Rowling? In other words, Twilight or Harry Potter?
What do you think about Celebrities?
What's one job that should have a higher pay?
What's a job that gives too much money?
What do you think about death penalties?
If you were President for one day, what are three things you would do?
What do you think of Obama?
Do you think he'll bring some change around?
Who did you vote for in the elections?
If you didn't vote, then who's side were you on?
Why was that your particular choice?
What did you think of Bush?
How about the guy who threw the show at him?
What do you think about war, in general?
The war in Gaza?
How about the war in Iraq?
Deaths in war?
Do you believe in Karma?
Life after Death?
Love at First Sight: What do you think?
Do you believe in evolution or the Darwin theory?
Or do you believe that we were created by God?
Do you think eating animals is wrong?
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe all humans are equal?
...Some more opinions...
What do you think of racism?
Do you think there's still a lot of racism nowadays?
Gay Marriage: For or Against?
What do you think about pre-arranged marriages?
Love marriages?
Pre-marital sex?
Do you think you should have sex before or after marriage?
What do you think about teenage pregnancies?
What about abortion?
Should there be a certain month until you can abort the child?
Do you think it's like murdering the child?
Or do you think it's alright to abort if the mother wants to?
Would you abort your child if it was a life or death situation?
What would you do if you were pregnant now: Abort or Leave it?
How would your parents react?
If you didn't know who the baby's father was, would you abort or keep it?
If you're a boy, what would you tell her to do? Abort or leave it?
What would you tell a pregnant 7-year-old girl to do?
^If she got raped and got pregnant?
Would you rather abort or have the child and send it for adoption?
Yes, the thing about a 7-year-old getting raped and pregnant is true.
What did you think of this survey?
Did you enjoy it?
What would you rate it out of 10?
...Thank You... :D