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Author: frozenrose
Created: April 27, 2009
Taken: 83 times
Rated: PG

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You better crawl on your knees

Created by frozenrose and taken 83 times on Bzoink
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When you see my evil smile.. hurhur
What is one song that you will most likely never get tired of?
What about a song that you will most likely to get tired of soon?
Are you blunt?
How about sensitive?
Do you like astrology? If so, what parts of astrology do you like most?
What colour are your pillows?
Do you enjoy school?
Piercings, are they cool?
Would you dye your hair an unusual colour?
Why do most surveys always ask for your name?
How often do you find a survey that is completely different?
What are your thoughts on religion?
Your thoughts on people who cuss all the time?
Would you rather live with blunt people or pathetic liars?
What do you think of people that do nothing but run away from the truth?
Your most visited website?
What do you think of chain letters?
What is your LEAST favourite colour?
What are the colours that mostly consist on your clothing?
What do you think of having friends?
Do you like cupcakes?
Everyone "labels" other people, your thoughts?
Would you ever walk in order to raise money for a cause?
What do you think about life?
How about nature?
Your thoughts on people that style their hair giant/"scene like"?
What do you think about the latest fashion trends?
Would you rather learn Japanese or Polish?
Can you hang around overly joyful people?
How about overly emotional people?
Do you ever check your email?
Do you use different email addresses in order to prevent spam?
Which name is better: Morgana or Lilith?
How about: Travis or Draven?
Can you draw? If so, what do you normally draw?
If not for above question, what do you do?
Do you like watching those Ripley's Believe or Not shows?