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Author: neekuh559
Created: May 4, 2009
Taken: 44 times
Rated: G

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last day of school homie!

Created by neekuh559 and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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who would you definately miss?
is this your last year at this school?
who would you not miss?
who did you hang out with?
was this school year good?
did you get in trouble alot?
did you have any rallies?
who was your favorite teacher?
what teacher did you hate the most?
did you ever ditch?
what are you going to do on your time off?
did you ever get in a fight?any kind of fight =]
how many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have?
were you cool,the traigth A student,good kid,or whatever?
did you buy a yearbook :]?