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Author: dinosauramanda
Created: May 14, 2009
Taken: 159 times
Rated: G

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But she didn't know the way back home

Created by dinosauramanda and taken 159 times on Bzoink
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Do you own a gun?
Did you get a good grade on the last test you took?
Who was the last person to piss you off?
Have you ever gotten a x-ray?
What are your favorite flowers?
How does grass make you feel?
Do you have any peek-a-boo-poohs?
When was your last hair cut?
Who ended your last relationship?
Do you keep what people give you?
When you wake up in the morning, do you feel beautiful?
Are your parents disappointed in you?
Have you ever felt like you didn't belong?
Can you dance?
Have you been made of lately?
What's the last thing you looked up in the dictionary?
Do you have a place where you go to rid your pain?
Do you ever listen to instrumental music?
When was the last time you used glue?
What did you last order online?
Who did you last sit on?
Why were you last sad?
Have you ever been abused?
If you were raped, would you tell anyone?
What does the body spray you last used smell like?
Have you ever been threatened?
What was the last scar you looked at from?
What do you think about wind?
Who did you last play phone tag with?
Have you ever wanted to change the law?
When's the last time you saw your friend cry?
Has there been anyone that you wanted to get to know but never did?
What do people comment most about you?
When's the last time you dyed your hair?
Have you ever thrown rocks at someone's window to get their attention?
Who was the last person to give you flowers?
Have you ever written a song?
When was the last time you used hairspray?
When was the last time you prayed?
What grade are you in?
What is the smallest size dress you have?
What's the last thing you looked at that reminded you of someone?
What class do you look forward to going to?
Do you tan easily?
Whose funeral did you last go to?