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Author: fatelolx3
Created: May 16, 2009
Taken: 31 times
Rated: PG

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do it today. it could be illegal tomorrow.

Created by fatelolx3 and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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which is your favorite toe?
how about your favorite finger?
do you have a kids bop CD?
have you ever made out with anyone of the same sex?
do you usually like to answer questions on the surveys?
have you ever overflown a toilet?
do you use calculators?
are you racist?
how often do you wash your hands?
do you blow your nose a lot?
have you ever had chicken pox?
have you ever been on TV?
how about the radio?
how big is your wardrobe?
do you shave?
do you snort when you laugh?
do you have your own room?
do you like salad?
what's your favorite type of pie?
is the glass half empty or half full?
what's your favorite type of cheese?
do you have a gay uncle?
do you like pizza being delievered to you?
did you ever have to do a science project?
do you have trouble sticking to promises?
what does PMS stand for?
can you say the alphabet backwords without stopping?
do you know anyone in the mob?